118 Fault Code of Baxi Boiler

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118 Fault Code of Baxi Boiler

118 Fault Code of Baxi Boiler

Baxi is a great brand for combi boiler. They have been in this field since 1866. They are offering a selection of combi, system, and heat. Baxi is the market leader in domestic heating systems. Baxi boilers are mostly suitable for every property.
The fault codes are a very common situation for users. If you have a boiler in your house, you will face a problem one day or another day. Even if the combi will be strong, something might be happened inside of the system and this can cause a problem.

What Can You Do?

The 118 fault code on the Baxi's display is directly related to low water pressure. If you have low pressure in the system, you might have a leak in your central heating system. In this situation, Baxi experts recommend adding water into the filling loop. This is a temporary solution for water pressure. The water pressure can lose over time. So, if your boiler is old, it might be because of the user or if it is a new combi, there might be a leak in the boiler or the central heating system. But we are sure that if the water pressure has dropped once, it will drop again. Because of that, you need a contact an expert in the Baxi service. They can find the fault in your central heating system. When they locate the area of the leak, they have to determine whether install replacement parts or just fix the leaking part.