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A few questions about your home and send us a few photos

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A few questions about your home and send us a few photos

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Our process makes us unique. With very few questions, we'll suggest the right product for you.

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To keep your new boiler running great for longer

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On both the product and the installation

Upgraded Controls

On new combi boiler installations

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Pay monthly

9.9% APR Representative over 3, 5, 7 or 10 years with no deposit


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Spread the cost for 24 months without the interest


Card Payment

The full payment is only taken once the job's complete




Boiler Replacement

Your boiler will break down or become unusable at some point. Do you remember when you bought your current boiler? Like many people, it was probably so long ago that no one can remember anything about it.

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New Boiler Cost: Detailed Price Guide for Everyone Who Are in The Search Of!

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When would my first payment be made if I want to pay monthly?

After completing an application, you will be able to access a complete copy of the credit agreement. This agreement will detail the terms of your loan and the date of your first deposit.

Is it possible to pay off my monthly payment plan early?

Definitely, the consumer credit act regulates all of the finance items we sell. To receive an early settlement of the contract, you can contact the finance lender directly.

Will my old boiler or tanks be removed from my house?

Yes, indeed. Your old boiler and/or hot water cylinder will be removed and recycled by our team. If you have a header tank, we will make every effort to remove it, but they are often larger than the entry hatch. It would basically be drained and relocated.

Is a CP12 included with my installation?

A CP1 will be completed for the appliance we instal only. All other gas appliances will be done by sight. In order to comply with your obligations as a landlord, you will also have to complete a CP12 gas certificate separately.

What is included under the terms of my warranty?

The components inside the boiler and the flue are covered by your new boiler warranty. The manufacturer provides the warranty, which covers all parts and labour used to repair the boiler in the case of a problem.