Alpha Boiler Hot Water Problem

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Alpha Boiler Hot Water Problem

Alpha Boiler Hot Water Problem

The hot water problem is a common problem for all brands. This problem can cause by two different factors. One of them is The NTC thermistor. It monitors the heat on the Alpha boiler. When the water meets the temperature which is set by the thermostat, the boiler is switched off and stops heating the water inside of the system. If the NTC thermistor is failed to show the real temperature, it cannot send the right signal to the boiler. The water inside of the boiler may be too hot or cannot reach the desired temperature. Besides that, it became colder because the device cannot heat it again. NTC thermistor needs to make an electrical test to whether it is working or not. If it is working properly we should check the hotspot on the central heating pipes. This component might be a cause of this problem. If this is the cause of the issue, it might be connected to dents or bends in the pipes or centralized limescale. These can increase the temperature and this way the sensor thinks the temperature of the water is higher than the boiler.

What can you do?

You should shut the whole system when you notice this problem before the water gets too hot.
The first thing is a boiler engineer needs to run an electrical test on the NTC thermistor to check. In this way, they can understand whether it is the cause of the problem or not. Then if the problem’s cause is this you need limescale needs to be removed. It can be done by replacing the section of pipes or hot flushes. For an alternative, If the cause of the problem is about build-up is on the thermistors, it needs to be cleaned or replaced too.