Alpha Boiler Red Indicator Light Is On

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Alpha Boiler Red Indicator Light Is On

Alpha Boiler Red Indicator Light Is On

Alpha is a great boiler brand which origin British. They produce domestic heating products with lots of ranges. Besides that, they are the market leader in Italy. On TrustPilot they have 4.8 out of 5 ratings which are really impressive.

The most common problem of the Alpha boiler is red or yellow lights appeared on the display screen. These lights change depending on the problem of the boiler. In this way, users or experts can fix the issue by looking at the display of the combi boiler. To detect the problem you need to see a signal on the panel.
When you see a solid red light on the display, it means the boiler’s burner is failing the fire up.

What can you do?

Thanks to the protection system the boiler must be locked out itself before you see the signal. When you see the A indicator is lighting solid red Alpha’s highly recommend rotating the switch on the front of the boiler to position 3. In this way, you can reset the whole system. When you complete it in 25-30 seconds, you can press the restart button on the boiler. If the burner cannot fire up again there might be a blockage in the debris. To detect the problem you should get contact a gas safe engineer. With experts, you will be able to inspect and clean the burner. If the burner fails more than one time you might need to change this component. If the boiler of yours is old you may consider getting a new one. Because replacing it can cost you a great deal of money.