Alpha Combi Boiler No Hot Water

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Alpha Combi Boiler No Hot Water

Alpha Combi Boiler No Hot Water

Alpha is a British combi boiler brand. They are manufacturing budget-friendly products with a great warranty. Alpha operates in 30 countries and they are the market leader in Italy. In the end, Alpha is one of the best boiler brands in the World.
If you have an Alpha boiler that is functioning properly, yet there is no hot water and no heating on the central heating system what can you do?
The hot water and no heating problem can occur due to the diverter valve. The diverter valve is an essential component inside the system. This important component inside of the combi boiler is directly sent the hot water heated by the boiler to the radiators, taps, and showers. If the component is blocked or broken, the system will fail to send the water to the other systems. This is why the hot water in the system cannot come from the tap or cannot reach the central heating system on its own.

How To Fix The Diverter Valve?

If the diverter valve is blocked, the heating engineer can be clean up this component and fixed the problem in this way the system can work properly again.

What if the Component is Broken?

If the problem is a damaged diverter valve, you have to replace this component. This replacement can be relatively expensive. A new diverter valve on the market might cost you around £300 and plus the gas-safe engineer’s work. But ıf the boiler is old you can also change the boiler instead of changing the component. Since you can spend your money on a brand-new energy-efficient boiler.