Baxi 800 Detailed Full Review: Efficient & Easy to Use & Best for Large Families!

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Baxi 800 Detailed Full Review: Efficient & Easy to Use & Best for Large Families!

Baxi 800 Detailed Full Review: Efficient & Easy to Use & Best for Large Families!

Are you looking for a powerful new generation combi boiler for your home? Then you are definitely in the right place. With its compact design, high-quality technology, and promise of efficiency, the new generation Baxi 800 boiler combi, which is used in many houses, continues to be on the "bestseller" lists in many categories. Preferred by those who trust world-brand quality in the technological products they buy for their homes, this device is also an engineering marvel in terms of its hydraulic system. In the continuation of our content, we will examine this device called Baxi 800 with all its details and give detailed information.

Before we start: Still haven't found the right combi for your home in terms of size, efficiency, and power? We think this content may help you. If you are still unsure about the best boiler after reading this content, be sure to call Zara Heating. We can come to your home and make a discovery and recommend the fittest combi boiler to you within the framework of features such as the number of people living in the house, the location, or the facade of the house. Moreover, when you buy this combi through Zara Heating, you will benefit from some additional warranty campaigns, price discounts, and installation advantages. Contact us now to discover more!

Main Features and Technical Specification of Baxi 800

Under this title, we will have the chance to examine the specific features of the advanced combi boiler model called Baxi 800 in detail. In the continuation of the content, a detailed analysis that will surprise you is waiting for you!

High-Efficiency Rate - 93 Percent

When buying a combi boiler, what feature do you want it to have first? Boiler models use less energy to create the demanded temperature when they have a high-efficiency level. This means that the device causes a lower electricity bill for you.

Baxi 800 offers efficiency with a low noise level with its advanced internal dynamic technology and new generation accents. According to the measurements, the efficiency performance of the device is 93 percent, which is a really great value. You can choose the model, which is included in the A-rated energy efficiency class, in both small and large houses.

High Warranty Period - Proof of High Quality

You know what brands that trust their product do: They promise a long-term warranty and say that they will compensate for any problems that may happen to the devices.

The warranty period of the Baxi 800 also supports this: The product comes with a full ten-year warranty. You can contact Zara Heating to support the warranty period with extra high-quality installation!

Compact Structure - Perfect for Every Home

The high-quality design with a compact structure helps to create a very stylish appearance not only for large houses with gardens but also for apartments. The Baxi 800 weighs just 35 kilograms and the dimensions of the device are 700mm (Height) x 390mm (Width) x 285mm (Depth). You do not need to find a separate room for the product, you have the opportunity to install the product in a cabinet in your kitchen. Areas such as large cupboards or airing cupboards are also very suitable for storage.

Global Brand Trust - For Those Who Want to Stay Loyal to the Brand

Do you want to trust a world-renowned company in combi boiler research? It is quite natural that you want to trust the power of a brand, especially in technological devices. Let's give the good news: Baxi is a global brand owned by the Netherlands-based BDR Thermea Group. Therefore, it is possible to say that the brand offers high confidence in both technology and warranty services.

Instant How Water Technology

It's really hard to predict when someone will need hot water, especially in crowded homes. That's why you need to take advantage of a technology that can give you hot water whenever you need it. This is the biggest advantage of the Baxi 800 model: Thanks to the technology that provides 10.2 liters of hot water flow rate, you will no longer have to wait for the water to heat up. Do you want to take a shower? No need to wait for the boiler to warm up! Turn on the faucet directly and enjoy instant hot water.

In this way, you will not have to waste water in vain.

Easy-to-Use LED Display Technology

With the Large LED display, you can easily see the current mode of your device, change the settings and personalize it. It is much easier to use your device thanks to the high-quality large LCD display that allows you to easily adjust your combi even in a dark environment. You will be able to benefit from extensive flue options up to 20 meters options and brass hydraulics blocks settings while making adjustments on the device. For more, you can contact Zara Heating and our team right away!

Do You Love Smart Home Technologies?

While smart home technologies enable many devices to be easily remotely controlled, they also help keep the home economy under control by providing retrospective spending data. For this very reason, the number of smart home applications and devices that can work with these applications is increasing day by day.

Well, what does Baxi 800 offer you in this field?

Let's say right away: The brand has a smart thermostat product of its own and a smart application by which this product can be controlled: uSense smart thermostat. You can buy this product, which is used by many people in the market, and integrate it with your Baxi 800 compact boiler. In this way, you can remotely control the energy values of the boiler, its current operating status via the thermostat application, and make retrospective data analysis.

 Anything is possible with high technology!

Meet the Long-lasting Compact Home Boiler System with Durable Materials!

The most prominent feature of the Baxi brand is the use of high-quality and durable materials in the boiler. Making a name for itself even in the bulletproof industry, Baxi boilers promise long-term high efficiency with this feature.

The same durability remains in the Baxi 800 model, but with a few differences: In addition to maximizing durability, the product also has the following advantages:

  1. Heat exchanger made of stainless steel material
  2. Higher durability with reliable brass hydraulic material
  3. Compact design and quiet running performance

Especially the subject we talked about in the second article, namely the brass hydraulic material, is a very important feature that enables the brand to get ahead of its competitors such as Worcester Bosch!

Easy-Fill Feature for More Rapid Heating

Thanks to the unique easy-fill technology of the device, the pressure of the central heating system are automatically filled by itself. This is one of the important factors that positively affect efficiency and heating rate. You can contact the professional Zara Heating team to learn about the additional features of the device and to get support for the installation of the device. Our company, which is a member of Gas Safe, is ready to serve in order to perform the installation process in a safe and guaranteed way!

Baxi 800 Combi Boiler Flow Rates - Explore Now!

We said that Baxi 800 is a device that can be suitable for different types of housing. In addition, the device is a good choice for both childless couples and large families. You ask why? Because you can get different performances from this device according to different kW sizes. Let us tell you about the three options it has:

Baxi 800 is one of the rare models on the market that manages to deliver 36 kW of performance. So large families will really like this device.

Built-in Frost Thermostat

In order for a compact domestic combi boiler to work efficiently, it must be free of frost even in the UK's coldest temperatures. Moreover, in some houses, it is possible to install combi in a very cold spot due to the general settlement conditions. In this case, it is very important that the boiler device used is extra resistant to cold.

Fortunately, with the Baxi 800, you don't have to think about such things! Because the device has a built-in frost thermostat. Thanks to such an additional feature, you prevent a frost risk in the combi. In this way, you will not have any problems even if you install the device in a non-insulated part of your home!