Baxi E133 Fault Code
Baxi E133 Fault Code

Baxi E133 Fault Code

The E133 code error appearing on the Baxi is generally known as "Flame Error" or "Ignition Failure". The reasons that will cause this error to occur may be the error in the ignition probes, the gas exhaustion, or the failure to correct the flame probe. In this case, it is normal for it to fail after more than one start attempt, and then to give an E133 error. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the gas valve is open because the gas not coming into the machine may cause this error. Also, the probe that detects fire inside the Baxi may be broken. Some situations can be done to solve the error coded E133, but if it does not work, you need to get help from experts.

Ways That Can Be Used to Fix Error E133

       First of all, you should make sure that there is no gas deficiency. In this case, make sure that the gas valve is open or that your gas is not shut off. So the problem can be solved.

       If there is gas and this error still occurs, you should try the reset process. You can perform the reset method as follows:

          - First, open the cover on the Baxi.

          - To reset, use the reset lever or the reset button inside the opening cover to turn it in the reset direction without stopping for five seconds or hold it down.

          - No error code or error light will appear after reset. The Baxi will then restart and will start increasing the temperature by providing ignition.

If the Baxi E133 error code occurs again, the reset method can be used. However, if this situation repeats continuously, it is necessary to consult a gas safety expert and correct the error.