Baxi E25 Fault Code
Baxi E25 Fault Code

Baxi E25 Fault Code

Complaints of Baxi users are that there is no heating, but the E25 fault code is a problem outside of this generalization. The appearance of the E25 fault code in the Baxi boiler indicates the problems caused by heating and temperature. If the E25 fault code appears on the Baxi display, it means that the temperature increases by 1 degree or more per second. There are some reasons for this problem to occur, these are:

      - The lock-in the circulation pump does not work,

      - The filter is clogged.

      - The air in the system is excessive,

      - The sensor for the temperature is defective,

      - Electricity problems on the Baxi,

      - Incorrect installation of the sensors.

Solution Methods for E25 Fault Code

The E25 fault code is not an unsolvable condition. First of all, there are a few steps that can be done by the Baxi user. The steps for those using Baxi are as follows:

     - Heaters should be controlled where Baxi is used because at least 3 heaters should be open for Baxi use. If the heaters are not turned on you have to turn them on.

     - Next, the water pressure should be at the correct level. Bring the water pressure to the proper level.

     - After these checks are provided, perform a few resets on the Baxi. If the problem is not in serious condition, the E25 fault code problem will be solved.

     - If the fault code still appears, make sure the filters are clean. You need to clean the clogged and dirty filters.

If the E25 fault code continues, you need to get expert help. Some operations can be done by the Expert, these are:

     - Checking the water supply on Baxi.

     - Fix the problem with a temperature sensor or replace the temperature sensor.

     - To change the circulation pump.

     - Detecting and fixing electrical problems on Baxi.