Baxi E28 Fault Code
Baxi E28 Fault Code

Baxi E28 Fault Code

One of the errors seen on Baxi is the error with code E28. The E28 coded error seen on the Baxi can generally be caused by problems with the flue thermistor. A clogged flue or a defective pressure sensor inside the Baxi can give this error code. These problems are very rare, but the most common problem with the E28 error code is the condensation pipe that freezes and becomes blocked due to cold weather. Some steps can be taken to eliminate this error on the Baxi.

Steps to Eliminate Error E28 on Baxi

If it is a problem you encounter in very cold weather, freezing has occurred in the condensation pipe. In this case, the following steps can be done.

      - Before all processing, turn off the power to Baxi and turn off the gas.

      - When the condensation pipe is frozen and clogged, the Baxi will shut itself off for protection. First, you need to find the problematic area in the condensation pipe.

      - Prepare hot water or a very heated towel for the freezing that has occurred in the condensation pipe. While preparing hot water, you should be careful that the water is not at the boiling level because the use of boiling water can seriously damage the pipes.

      - Carefully apply the very hot towel or hot water to the frozen area.

      - After you have done enough treatment, start powering up the Baxi and turn the throttle back on. If the problem persists, do the hot process again and continue until the Baxi is opened.

      - If you have to constantly perform these steps, a permanent solution might be to refresh the pipes.

      - If the flue is clogged, it will be sufficient to clean the flue thoroughly.

      - If you are seeing the E28 error code other than these problems, you should call the expert service and get help on this issue.