Boiler Costs and Installation Prices (2022)
Boiler Costs and Installation Prices (2022)

Boiler Costs and Installation Prices (2022)

Boiler Costs and Installation Prices (2022)

A gas boiler is a treasured part of any home. Not only does it promise to have hot water at all times, but it is also great for installing a decent heating system. If your boiler has broken down or you want to add radiators, you may be interested in finding out how much it costs to install a gas boiler.


Zara Heating explains the different types of boilers you can find on the market, their prices, and regulations. Read on to find out how much it costs to install a gas boiler.

How Much Does It Cost a Gas Boiler?

A gas boiler installation can have more than one stage. However, in many cases, it is a decision that requires a significant investment. That is why it is crucial to understand as much as possible about the different features of this installation.


At this point, you are most interested in finding out the price of installing a gas boiler from scratch. Remember that the final amount will depend on the kind of boiler and the required wattage. In any case, we can provide you with approximate pricing.


On the other hand, we can also provide you with some estimated samples of budgets that would cover both the supply and the installation of the boiler. You may view them in the following table.


Installation Type

Price (inc VAT)

Combi to combi swap


System to combi conversion


New boiler install


Back boiler to a combi



In any case, there are boilers with a higher power than those we have indicated whose supply and installation can reach prices of over £2,949.


Also, if your plans include installing a heating system (radiators, underfloor heating, etc.), you will have to count on that additional cost. And another expense related to this type of installation that you must take into account is the price of the gas installation certificate.


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Q: What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

How Much Does It Cost to Change a Gas Boiler?

If what happens is that your current boiler no longer works and you are thinking of changing it, the minimum price of acquiring a new one will probably start at around £600 - £2,500.


You may also intend to move the boiler if you do not like its current location. The price of this service could range from £250 -  £600.

What is the Cost of Installing a Condensing Boiler?

The most recommended boilers for domestic use are condensing ones. That is why we will discuss the cost of acquiring and installing one of these boilers.


Currently, a condensing boiler usually costs between £900 and £2,000. However, the price of some devices can exceed £3,000. Taking this into account, the price of the supply and installation of a condensing boiler could range, on average, between £1,150 and more than £2,500.


Although this is an expected price range, it is also possible to find condensing boiler offers for prices from £600 and £700. In the end, the costs of the devices are not excessively high if we compare them with those of electric boilers. However, the installation itself is usually more expensive.


In many cases, the best option is to compare several prices of boiler installers since it is possible that they include both the supply and the installation or that, at least, they can advise you so that you make an excellent purchase.

How to Choose the Right Boiler?

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Q: What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

It is inevitable to have doubts when purchasing a new boiler. That is why we want to make it easy for you and summarize the main types of boilers. When choosing boilers, you will probably come across many brands. Depending on the model and the power you need, its price can vary considerably.


It is common to request the installation of Ideal or Vaillant boilers, as these brands are top-rated. However, there are many other brands that you can trust, such as Alpha, Worcester, and Potterton. Some may sound familiar to you, but if you do not have much experience in the sector, the best thing you can do is let yourself be advised by expert installers.


The first step to being able to choose the most suitable boiler is to know the different types that exist in the market. The classification is similar to what we find when we value installation prices for diesel boilers:



Remember that if you do not plan to install a heating system, it may be enough to install a gas heater. This system allows having sanitary hot water. And if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly solution, you can check biomass boilers.