Boiler Maintenance Guide and Checklist
Boiler Maintenance Guide and Checklist

Boiler Maintenance Guide and Checklist

Boiler Maintenance Guide and Checklist

All the devices and appliances we use in our home require maintenance to guarantee their proper functioning. Boiler maintenance is essential in these aspects. In this guide, we will tell you what the reasons why it is necessary are.


Regardless of the type of boiler that we have installed at home, carrying out the gas boiler maintenance is necessary once a year. For this reason, our experts tell you about the most critical aspects of gas boiler maintenance.

Why Does Your Boiler Need Regular Maintenance?

Most people often forget about the necessary gas boilers maintenance only until a fault occurs with the equipment or when they see a considerable increase in the bill, remembering that they enjoy the heating service.


Regardless of the type you use or the fuel with which the device works, the boiler will always mean a relevant cost within the family budget. However, with proper maintenance, the bill can be reduced considerably.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the main reason for carrying out boiler maintenance. You must ensure that it is working correctly; therefore, you are not spending more due to a malfunction or breakdown.


Boiler maintenance ensures it works perfectly. In this way, it will produce hot water and generate heating in the most efficient way possible, thus reducing energy consumption and saving on bills.

Avoid Possible Repairs

One critical point to consider when doing boiler maintenance is that you will be anticipating possible future breakdowns. Periodic maintenance will alert you about the wear of the parts or future failures.


The repair of boilers requires high costs. On other occasions, we may find that the boiler has minor repair, which will mean a very high cost in replacement. When we carry out maintenance, we can replace the deteriorating parts before they break down completely.


Extending the life of our boiler will prevent us from having to replace it entirely or resort to repairs once it has been damaged. In this way, we will save not only on energy bills, as we have mentioned before, but also on unpredictable expenses.

Safety Issues

Due to the type of components that a boiler has and how it works, it is an installation requiring specialised professionals in the area to carry out maintenance or repairs.


As boilers are machines that generate heat and are responsible for conducting it in the form of hot water or steam, they can be dangerous devices if they work incorrectly. Working under pressure can produce violent expansions of water or steam inside. If any of the boiler's components do not work correctly, accidents could be caused.


So that severe breakdowns or accidents do not occur, adequate and regular boiler maintenance is recommended and essential. In addition, it must be carried out by professionals in the area.

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Reduction of CO2 Emissions Into the Atmosphere

Another problem that a boiler in poor condition can cause is the loss of carbon monoxide. This cannot be detected manually. Zara Heating’s expert could detect a leak of this type of gas in the boiler, in this case, we must prevent it by doing maintenance on time.


By maintaining the boiler, you can check whether it is working correctly and not spending more than necessary. In this way, you reduce harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere and contribute to the care of the environment.

How Often Should a Boiler Be Inspected?

For optimal operation of a gas boiler, maintenance must be carried out every two years according to the Buildings Regulation of the UK. On the other hand, diesel boilers must be checked every year. Sometimes this time could be less, depending on what is specified in the manufacturer's maintenance manual.

Should I Buy a New Boiler?

Buying a new boiler can be a difficult decision to make. In the first instance because you try to avoid an immediate expense. However, this should be considered a long-term investment.


The frequently asked question is, when should I change my boiler? And the answer is simple if the equipment is known to have constant failures or the technician has already warned of a serious problem with the appliance.


Also, you should know that it is convenient to buy a new boiler if your equipment has already exceeded ten years of use. This is the useful life of a boiler, although, in general, these devices usually exceed that number of years.


At this point, you have to consider that a computer that you used during that time works with an old system, compared to the options currently available on the market. For this reason, any repair that the boiler requires can be a big headache, given the lack of spare parts, which will result in a waste of time and money.


On the other hand, new technologies work according to the condensation system. This is capable of saving up to 30% energy. So when purchasing a new condensing boiler, you would be making not an expense but an investment.

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