Boiler Replacement Process Guide: All The Details!
Boiler Replacement Process Guide: All The Details!

Boiler Replacement Process Guide: All The Details!

Sometimes we need to replace the combi boilers in the house because we have to change them, and sometimes we want to use a higher model. However, one way or another, combi replacement is an important issue that should be known in every detail since combi boilers can not be thought inseparable from sweet United Kingdom modern homes.

Although boiler replacement often requires a period of at least ten years, it is always vital to have the most suitable brand and model for your home. In order to find the appropriate combi boiler for your house, you need to have a good grasp of the aspects of your house and know how powerful the model you will buy is. Remember that the more suitable the combi boiler you will purchase for replacement, the more precise the sweet warmth of your home will be provided.

This detailed boiler replacement guide contains information that will make the process easier for you! Let's dive deep into it!

When Is Boiler Replacement Required?

Due to its usage area, combi boilers are produced with a more robust design, unlike many technological devices. On top of that, the usage times are extended satisfactorily thanks to the maintenance carried out annually or at certain periods. Therefore, they are units that require repair once in a blue moon or replacement. However, in some specific cases, replacement becomes a necessity rather than an option. So what are the possible scenarios? Here is a small list:

The possible scenarios mentioned above are often factors that make combi boiler replacement necessary.

How Much Does a Boiler Replacement Cost?

Well, this is the first question that naturally comes to mind. We all wish it was free, but you have to pay a certain amount of money for a boiler replacement. The amount you will pay for the combi boiler to be installed in your house for replacement may vary depending on various factors. These factors may include:

Purchasing a combi boiler for replacement by knowing these factors allows you to reach a cost/effective boiler and provides you with hot water and warmth for bedrooms that last many years.

Remember that there is no definite answer as 2+2=4 for the boiler replacement, and it is a number that will change according to the needs of each house. However, if we talk about a price range in general terms, it starts from £400 and can go up to £4000. Besides, additional factors such as quality, model, brand, installation or, engineers performing the installation can impact the price.

What Size Boiler Do You Need In Terms Of kW Output?

The size of your boiler in terms of kW is the main factor that should be your focus when planning for replacement. A kW output indicates at what power a boiler will operate for your home's heating and hot water needs. The higher the number of rooms, the higher the kW because more energy is required for heat to be transmitted to the bedrooms.

In addition, the importance of kW output will vary according to the number of bathrooms and radiators in your home. Taking these into account, if your home's central heating demands are high, choosing a boiler with a kW output according to your home will always ensure you get the most effective heat results.

So, how to choose the most suitable kW output for your house? We have an estimation below:

To clarify, these estimations above are only estimations. You can contact Zara Heating for more accurate and detailed information from our engineers to find the combi boilers with the most suitable kW output for your home.

Other Things To Consider While Replacing a Combi Boiler

Of course, although knowing the kW output is almost necessary, it is not the only important factor for replacement. It is useful to know other factors as well.

Reliability, Durability and Efficiency

To not have your combi boiler repaired frequently and avoid leaks that can be quite harmful, you should pay attention to the fact that the combi boiler you choose for replacement is a durable model from a reliable brand. In addition to these, how effectively the combi boiler you will install operates is an important aspect for the long run and the energy bills you will pay. Therefore, when looking for a boiler for replacement, examine the durability, effectiveness and reliability of the brand/model you will purchase.

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The Location Of Newly-Replaced Boiler

The location of your combi boiler is one of the household items that can affect the atmosphere of your home and which is the most difficult to replace. Thus, you will need to plan well for the appearance and have enough space since you will have to continue with a combi boiler that can fit into the desired space. Although it always makes things easier to mount the new combi boiler in the place where your old combi was installed, you may have extra ideas in your mind for the replacement.

Installation Time

Since there are different types of combi boilers and each requires different installation requirements, you need to consider the replacement installation time. When a new combi boiler is mounted in the place where the old boiler was installed, installation takes up to around one day. However, installing a new boiler system or converting yours to another combi boiler type might take between 1 day to 4 days. Yet, these periods will heavily depend on the work required.

Types Of Gas Boiler That You Can Think Of

You have three different options to replace your combi boiler. These options are combi boilers, regular boilers (heat only)  and system boilers:

Combi Boilers

Thanks to their compact design, they are generally preferred by those who have to fit a combi boiler in a small space on their property. They can fit in small spaces because they don't require a hot water storage cylinder and a cold-water tank. Because of their design, they are more suitable for small homes and are not an effective choice for large or multi-bathroom homes.

Regular Boilers

Combi boilers are more suitable for small houses, while regular boilers are a choice that can operate very effectively for houses with two bathrooms. However, they come with a cistern tank, which means you are not as flexible as for leaving space as you can do for combi boilers. Besides, the cistern may get frozen if it is exposed to too much cold. On the other hand, they can operate efficiently in homes with low water pressure.

System Boilers

A system boiler can be considered for homes involving multiple bathrooms and require hot water outlets. They can be installed without putting in much effort, thanks to internal components. However, if your water pressure is low, you can skip system boilers.

For More Question And Detail Answers

Combi replacement can be easy as well as quite complicated. However, everything becomes quite easy with a team of engineers who know the job and a heating company that will guide you in the right direction. If you have questions about combi replacement and want to get an expert opinion, we, as Zara Heating, yearn to answer your questions.