Cheap Combi Boilers - Cost-Effective Alternatives of 2022
Cheap Combi Boilers - Cost-Effective Alternatives of 2022

Cheap Combi Boilers - Cost-Effective Alternatives of 2022

Today, as much as the amount of energy required to heat a house, the price paid to meet that amount is gradually increasing. This means that the amount of money needed for the heating constitutes a significant part of the monthly income of your house. However, fortunately, thanks to the cost/effective boilers that we will list for you in today's article, you can provide the heat you want for your home without worrying about your spendings. Let's take a closer look at the global brand combi heaters, each environmentally and budget-friendly and produced using high technology!

Vaillant ecoFIT pure 825 Combination Boiler Natural Gas

With the Vaillant ecoFIT pure 825, which contains silicon composite high-quality aluminium in its component, you can have the high quality by paying a small amount. Thanks to the top and rear flue options, you can experience what a light-install and stylish combi look like!

Here, what is more about Vaillant ecoFIT pure 825:

You can purchase Vaillant ecoFIT pure 825 at a price between £900 and £1000, which comes with two years of Vaillant warranty, and five years with Vaillant Advance. If you buy it from Zara Heating, you can enjoy the extended warranty option!

Ideal Logic+ C30 Combi Boiler Only

Ideals Logic+ C30 combi boiler is one of the most trusted products of Ideals, which has become the leader in the combi boiler industry. Developed with high technology and thanks to its durable components, this combi boiler, which will be your long-term companion, promises an almost unrivalled performance.

So, what makes Ideal Logic+ C30 Combi so great? Let's examine it closely:

You can purchase Ideal Logic+ C30 Combi Boiler Only at £750 excluding VAT and £900 including VAT.


Titanium 28kW Combi Combi Gas Boiler

Now, we are going to talk about a combi boiler with a 91.1% efficiency rating, which is Titanium 28kW Combi Combi Gas Boiler. This model is a condensing unit that needs to be mounted to the wall while involving a wide range of features and options. This model, which is the indispensable choice of homes with three bedrooms and wants to have a satisfactory hot water flow, is a price/performance monster. Thanks to the unit, which is one of the reliable products of the British industry, you can enjoy the instant room temperature and hot water, paying a low bill.

However, we are not done with Titanium 28kW Combi Combi Gas Boiler yet. There is more below:

You can have this combi boiler, a complete cost/effective product, by paying £835. Titanium 28kW Combi Gas Boiler comes with a standard warranty period of seven years! Contact us for more information and longer warranty options.

Baxi Duo-Tec 28 LPG (ErP) Combi Boiler Only

Baxi Duo-Tec 28 is another cost/effective combi boiler with LPG-converted, Baxi-assurance and Baxi-manufactured-quality. It is very simple to install, so it is more preferred by houses that have problems in terms of installation. It is also very easy to use. Baxi Duo-Tec 28  will provide effective hot water flow for homes with up to 15 radiators.

Here is more about Baxi Duo-Tec 28:"

Baxi Duo-Tec 28 is a combi boiler that works with 93.20% energy efficiency. It costs you £850 while including VAT and £710 if VAT is excluded. For warranty, the unite has seven years of the standard warranty. However, the period can be extended depending on where you purchase it. For more information, contact us!

Ideal Independent C30 (ErP) Combi Boiler Only

Not enough space in your home? Do you have a small kitchen? No problem! Ideal Independent C30 combi boiler offers the perfect heating solution for tiny houses with its high quality and reliable performance. Ideal Independent C30 combi boiler has a small design that can easily fit into a standard kitchen cabinet. You won't even notice it exists in your kitchen. On top of that, it has a practical and compact design reinforced with new generation technology. It is easy to install, control and operate.

The general features and benefits of Ideal Independent C30 combi boiler as follows:

You can have Ideal Independent C30 combi boiler at £729 if you want it with VAT and £599 without VAT. It provides five years of standard warranty that can be extended. For more information, contact us!

Vokera Easi-Heat Plus 29Ci (ErP) Combi Boiler

Easi-Heat Plus 29Ci is a combi boiler that works at great efficiency and has an output rating of 29 kW. It is designed by Vokera. This model is one of the most cost/effective boilers, which has an efficiency rating of 93% for hot water and heat. Therefore, you can spend less on your bills. The Easi-Heat Plus 29Ci is a well-installable combi boiler for smaller properties with moderate heating and hot water demand. They are quite simple to install and can fit in a standard kitchen cupboard. For this reason, it is one of the first models that comes to mind as a great option for properties that do not have room for any cylinders or tanks.

To learn about this model more, you can read:

The typical price for Easi-Heat Plus 29Ci is around £480. It comes with five years warranty period.

For More Information

Do you need a combi boiler? Not sure which is the most cost/effective? Are you wondering which combi boiler is the most suitable for your home? With which combi brand you will pay fewer bills? Contact Zara Heating for all your questions about combi boilers, and we will answer your questions! We are here to meet all your needs related to heating and combis with our expert colleagues and professional engineers.