Great Comparison: Difference Between the Greenstar 30i and Greenstar 4000
Great Comparison: Difference Between the Greenstar 30i and Greenstar 4000

Great Comparison: Difference Between the Greenstar 30i and Greenstar 4000

Need a new boiler product for your home? Then it might be a good idea to take a look at the most preferred options in the UK and compare the features with each other and make the right choice for you in this direction. We, as Zara Heating, wanted to compare two products that are the industry giant, frequently preferred and that heat millions of homes, for you. The stars of this comparison we will make are of course Greenstar 30i and Greenstar 4000.

As you know, new technologies emerging in the boiler world can cause old machines to become idle. Now that the Greenstar 4000, the industry's newest offering of efficiency and power, has arrived, so it may be time for your home to say goodbye to the Greenstar 30i. Let's get to know this very loud device from Worcester Bosch.

Before we start, we would like to make a quick note: As Zara Heating, we are with you every step of the way, from purchasing a new boiler to the installation and maintenance of the devices. You can take advantage of all the boiler options that can increase your quality of life by making your home a comfortable space, with the assurance of Zara Heating, and you can benefit from extra warranty period opportunities for some products. Contact us now to get consultancy in this area or to start the purchasing process!

Explore the Differences Between Greenstar 30i and Greenstar 4000

We will compare the Greenstar 30i and Greenstar 4000 models from several different perspectives. In general, we will be talking about efficiency, protection features, filing system details, design features, additional skills. Go to the rest of our content and find out the details!

Efficiency: Ready to Minimize Invoice Burden?

Efficiency is a feature that you should pay attention to first in a boiler. You ask why? Because it is precisely efficiency that reduces the boiler's monthly bills and still gives you the comfortable warmth you need.

Efficiency is of course related to the physical parts of the device as well as its technology. Earlier, we shared with you some highly efficient boiler devices. You can take a look.

Even with its larger size, we have to say that Greenstar really gets a top score for silence. When this boiler is running, 25 kW or 30 kW, you won't really hear anything. This will maximize your comfort in your home.

Often, silence devices have a price to pay: low efficiency. The arrangements necessary to reduce the sound may cause the device to operate at low efficiency and cause high bills. But interestingly, there is absolutely no such feature in the Greenstar 4000. The most important feature of the device, which is evaluated in the class A efficiency category, is that it will save you money.

According to research and laboratory studies, the efficiency rate of Greenstar 4000 is 94 percent.

Frozen Condensate Protection: The Latest Tech Employed by Greenstar 4000

When we talk about why you should buy a boiler device, we like to talk about the technology of this device first. Because technology means that the device can maximize efficiency with a low budget by taking advantage of new generation inventions and offer extra comfort.


Using Frozen Condensate Protection technology, this special device is safe enough to bring your home to the temperature you set, even in the coldest weather in the UK.

You ask why?

Because there is a very special technology condensation pipe inside the device. This condensate pipe has no frost problems at all, even in the UK's freezing temperatures in winter. This eliminates the most important factors that may adversely affect the operating performance of the device. Protecting the device from such a negative element means a performance that provides excellent results in a disciplined manner for years, at all times of the day, in all seasons.

This feature is not available on the Greenstar 30 i, as you can guess.

Meet the Intelligent Filling System of Greenstar 4000!

A device that uses an intelligent technology in the filling system returns to you as a system that maintains the boiler pressure. This will extend the life of the device while maximizing its performance. If the pressure of the boiler you use is constantly decreasing, there will be a constant movement in the temperature you want your home to reach. Imagine how frustrating this can be, especially during the colder times of winter. Indeed, your home will not be comfortable for you in such a situation.

So, what does the intelligent filling system do? With the smart system, it prevents the pressure of the boiler from falling more than necessary. This ensures that pressure is maintained consistently and safely. This ensures smooth operation of the filling system and consistent performance.

Don't Believe Those Who Say Design Doesn't Matter!

Do not believe those who say that design is not important in boiler products! This is absolutely not true! Because boilers can be more efficient than other options thanks to their design. Moreover, you place these products somewhere in your home. Therefore, it is quite natural for you to care about the aesthetics of the products in terms of both the volume they cover and the overall appearance.

Now, let's take a look at the features of Greenstar 4000.

First of all, it is possible to say that the product has a smaller size and a compact design compared to the previous models, for example the Greenstar 30 i.


So, if you wish, you can hide the product behind your kitchen cabinets or install it in such small gaps that you cannot place other boilers. This is the dream of those who want a stylish and always elegant home decoration! That's why Greenstar 4000 can be the perfect solution for small houses and apartments.

Let's make a small warning: Greenstar 4000 can be placed in even very small cabinets. However, when placing the boiler in a cabinet, you must also make sure that you have a ventilation hole.

Additional Feature: Upgrade is Easy with SimpleSwitch!

There was an important reason why we compared the model named Grenstar 30 i with the model named Greenstar 4000 in detail. The SimpleSwitch feature is exactly that reason! This feature means that when you contact the Zara Heating team, this upgrade process can be done much easier and faster than you think due to the nature of the devices. As a faster, neater and of course efficient model, today may be the right time to switch to the Greenstar 4000. For additional questions, contact our experts right away, let's talk to you and introduce the devices to you!

Chic and Modern Look: Meet Greenstar 4000

If you are going to use a boiler in your home, it should be important for you to have a stylish and elegant appearance. Because you don't want your thoughtfully created decoration to look clumsy because of the boiler.

Many families, especially those who will have the boiler installation done in frequently used public areas such as the kitchen, really like the Greenstar 4000. Because the only feature of the device is not only its compactness, but also its structurally extremely stylish lines. With fine details and folds that highlight technology, Greenstar 4000 will suit your home very well!

  1. The control panel of the device resembles the control panels used in smartphones.
  2. The device takes up little space with its compact structure.
  3. The appliance creates a stylish and modern look in your kitchen.
  4. The body of the device is thin and thus creates an elegant aura.

Besides all this, no functional features have been waived for these positive features. Greenstar 4000 works perfectly and its hot water heating performance is quite high.

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