How Electric Boilers Work: The Most Popular Models!
How Electric Boilers Work: The Most Popular Models!

How Electric Boilers Work: The Most Popular Models!

Are you a UK resident who has trouble with gas boilers' gas recovery time and complains that it takes too long? But are you wondering if an electric boiler can replace oil boilers or gas boilers? So be prepared to get answers to these questions.

According to the UK government, which says it will have net zero carbon emissions by 2050, gas boilers and oil boilers certainly do not exist in a carbon-free future. Although both oil boilers and gas boilers are currently used frequently, these heating methods will eventually disappear, and the only heating solutions will be lower carbon heating systems.

Since the installation costs of an electric boiler, which is similar in size to a gas boiler, will not be different from a gas boiler, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint as soon as possible without incurring any additional expense. In addition, you will be able to learn everything about electric boilers, which can be considered the best option for homes where a heat pump is not suitable. After this article, you will be able to easily decide whether an electric boiler is suitable for you.

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What is Electric Boiler?

The most important difference between electric boilers from gas boilers, which is very similar to a traditional gas boiler in terms of operation, is that it heats the water not by burning gas, but by passing an electric current through heating element. Although it essentially works as a large kettle, it never boils water. Electric boilers working by connecting to a central heating system are also responsible for heating the water in your radiators and providing hot water to your taps and showers.


What are the Types of Electric Boilers?

Similar to gas boilers, electric boilers can be in the form of combi systems, heat-only boilers, or system boilers. Let's take a look at these electric boiler types together:


How Do Electric Boilers Work?

Electric boilers, which are powered only by electricity, work just like a traditional gas combi boiler and must be fed with cold water from the mains water in order to operate. The electricity entering this boiler enters from the main source and helps to feed the heating element inside the boiler. Due to this way of working, these boilers, which can be described as giant water heaters, also use a metal device that conducts electricity to heat the water. After the cold water entering these products is passed over the metal heating element, heat transfer is carried out, so that hot water is obtained, which can come from radiators and taps or from a hot water storage cylinder, depending on the owner's desire. How the water will be heated and stored may vary depending on exactly how the boiler works and the type of electric boiler or heater used.

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Should You Use Electric Boilers?

Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution you want, it's best to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems right before you spend your money. In this part of this article, we wrote about electric boilers, we tried to summarize the main pros and cons of electric boilers for you. Other things you need to know are covered in other sections of this article.

Why Should You Buy an Electric Boiler?

Let's take a look at why you should buy an electric boiler:

Why You Shouldn't Buy an Electric Boiler?

Let's take a look at why you shouldn't buy an electric boiler:


What are the Best Electric Boilers of 2022: The 4 Best Electric Boilers!

Let's say that the best electric boilers in 2022 are Comet Kombi Electric Heating Combi, Electromax produced by Heatrae Sadie, THERMAflow, and Elnur's Mattira MAC15 model. Let's take a look at these models in general:

1. Comet Combi Electric Heating Combi

The comet combi boiler, which heats your water both for a central heating system and for domestic consumption, is designed to maximize the hot water capacity. Coming with a 140-liter Duplex stainless steel hot water cylinder, this combi boiler is sold pre-wired for easier plumbing and installation.

Comet combi boiler has a built-in programmer in addition to a wireless thermostat and can control the temperature and heating thanks to this built-in programmer. Comet 9kW, which is offered in three different power outputs, is presented to the market as 12kW and 14.4 kW power units. You can also use this combi in three different ways. These usage patterns include only hot water, only house heating, or both. The boiler itself has a two-year warranty, while the cylinder that comes with the boiler has a ten-year warranty.

2. Electromax by Heatrae Sadia

Since the Electromax boiler combines both the hot water storage cylinder, the circulation pump, and the electric boiler, it can provide both heating and hot water for your home at the same time. If you want to use Electromax you only need a power source and hot water. Inside the boiler, there is a duplex stainless steel non-ventilated cylinder with a capacity of 180 liters and thus it is possible to store hot water. Let's also say that electromax boilers provide high-pressure showers, additionally helping you have quick-filling tubs and a constant supply of hot water at many tap outlets. It is also a combi boiler designed for electromax leak-proof systems, and since it is extremely small, it will easily fit in a normal home-type ventilation cabinet. This boiler, which has two different capacities, 9 kW and 6 kW, is guaranteed for two years and its cylinder for ten years.

3. THERMAflow

Although the High-Efficiency Electric Combined Boiler THERMAflow is designed to operate with low electricity, it is also extremely possible to meet all your heating and hot water needs. It is possible to save both money and energy with this combi boiler where you can fulfill all your needs. It is even thought that people using THERMAflow can save up to forty percent in heating costs.

It is also possible to connect THERMAFlow to a wood burning system or solar energy system, which can help you save energy, reduce your heating costs and reduce your carbon impact. THERMAFlow has six different energy usage ranges, ranging from 10 to 18 kW. THERMAflow's own warranty is one year, while the cylinder's warranty is 25 years.

4. Elnur’s Mattira MAC15 Model

Mattira MAC15 model, which can be used both for home heating and to produce hot water for taps in the house, can be used as a wall mounted. It is possible for Mattira MAC15, an electric combi boiler with digital modulation, to operate in single or three phases. In addition, since this model is digitally modulated, it uses much less energy than other products. The Mattira MAC15 also has a digital display, and this combi is extremely easy to use. This electric boiler, which can provide 12 liters of hot water per minute, has twelve different power outputs ranging from 3 to 15 kW. The boiler itself has a two-year boiler warranty, while its cylinder also has a two-year warranty.

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