Ideal Boiler F1 Error Code
Ideal Boiler F1 Error Code

Ideal Boiler F1 Error Code

The F1 error code, which appears on the ideal boiler, indicates the problem with water pressure in general. The decrease in water pressure in the general heating system over the ideal boiler used creates the F1 error code. The water forming the water pressure is in the ideal boiler and as this water level decreases, the pressure will decrease. As the water level decreases, the boiler locks itself and starts signaling the F1 error code. There are main cases where this problem occurs, such as starting the boiler for the first time or not operating for a long time. The F1 error code that appears in this way can be rectified by simple methods. However, there may be other reasons for the occurrence of this error code, such as water leakage through the pipes, water leakage through the heater, or water leakage through the boiler. In these cases, the methods to be made by the boiler user may not be successful.

Solving F1 Error Code on Ideal Boiler

The simple method that the ideal boiler user can apply can be said as follows.

    - First, you should turn off the gas for the ideal boiler.

    - The boiler will stop working for a while and rest. Meanwhile, opening the turning lever for pressure ensures that the water is filled into the boiler and the pressure should generally be brought between 1 and 3.

    - The boiler can be restarted after the air over the heaters is also purged.

Even if all this is done, if the F1 error code continues to appear, there is a water leak on the system, which means a sudden pressure drop. In this case, a gas engineer should be helped and the water leak should be fixed. In this case, the options the engineer can do:

    - To locate the leak.

    - Replacing the necessary parts with new ones.