Ideal Boiler F2 Error Code

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  1. How to Solve F2 Error Code?
Ideal Boiler F2 Error Code

Ideal Boiler F2 Error Code

Seeing the F2 error code on the ideal boiler indicates a very serious problem that prevents the boiler from working. F2 error code means that the flame given to the boiler at the beginning does not occur anymore. In this case, the ideal boiler will not work and an expert is required to solve this problem.

Some situations are effective in the emergence of the F2 error code. These situations can be listed as follows:

        - The gas valve that provides gas passage to the ideal boiler may be stuck. In this case, the boiler cannot get gas and flammability will not occur. For this reason, the ideal boiler will show the F2 error code and will not work.

        - Faulty, damaged, or loose cables may give an error code F2.

        - Failure of the fan causes no ignition even on the ideal boiler. The fan is a part that takes the waste gases out and if the fan is not working, this situation is dangerous for the ideal boiler. Not only does it not work, but the fan does not work at enough power, which causes this situation. The ideal boiler in this problem will lock itself.

        - If the path of the waste gases that will come out of the flue is blocked and the flue cannot do its job, the ideal boiler will show the F2 error code.

        - One of the reasons for the F2 error code to occur is due to gas pressure. If the gas pressure is low, no flaming can occur on the boiler.

How to Solve F2 Error Code?

First of all, a service should be called and the cause of the F2 error code should be learned. Next steps that can be done:

       - Replacing the gas valve,

       - Replacing if there is a problem with the cables,

       - Changing the fan according to the fan failure,

       - Adjusting the direction of the flue correctly.