Ideal Boiler L2 Error Code
Ideal Boiler L2 Error Code

Ideal Boiler L2 Error Code

If the L2 error code appears on the ideal boiler, this is called ignition lock or loss of fire. If there is a firelock, then a freeze has occurred in the condensate pipe and the pipe is blocked. However, if the L2 error code is caused by loss of fire, there may be several reasons for this:

      - The gas may have run out. In this case, the gas authorities should be contacted.

      - The ignition sensor may be malfunctioning. If the sensor does not detect this during ignition, the boiler will not notice ignition and will not pass through the gas. So the boiler locks itself.

      - The gas inlet valve may not be functioning. Over time, its parts may be worn and therefore unable to enter gas. In this case, ignition cannot occur inside the boiler.

      - If the gas pressure is not strong enough despite the gas input, it will be insufficient for ignition in the ideal boiler.

      - The gas meter may be blocked. It is one of the problems that can usually occur during cold times.

Steps to Eliminate L2 Error Code

If it is the L2 error code caused by the freezing of the condensate pipe, you can solve this situation in a simple way.

      - Firstly, turn off the boiler and gas.

      - Locate the frozen pipe.

      - Cover the frozen area with warm material or pour slightly hot water.

      - Then re-run the boiler.

If the L2 error code is caused by other problems, you should resolve this situation with gas and boiler service officials.

      - If the gas is exhausted, the gas is filled.

      - If the fire sensor does not work, replace it with a new one.

      - If the gas valve is stuck, it is repaired or replaced with a new one.

      - Gas pressure will be adjusted and brought to the appropriate level.