Let’s Look at the Worcester 25i Boiler
  Let’s Look at the Worcester 25i Boiler

Let’s Look at the Worcester 25i Boiler

If you are looking for a boiler in your home, this boiler will be a perfect choice for you. The Worcester bosch Greenstar 25i is the most installed combi boiler in the UK. The Greenstar 25i model of the Worcester boiler is designed with a wide range of features and benefits to users that allow great comfort and house economy.
Worcester is the famous brand of the combi boiler which originally founded in 1962 but became a part of the Worcester-Bosch Group in 1996. This brand is the UK's market leader in domestic combi boilers. They are famous for the highest standard of their boilers.
This boiler combi is mostly used for small to medium-sized homes with one bathroom. Yet, If you have more rooms in your house with a not that excessive need for heating and hot water, the 25kW is great for you, or ıf it is not enough you can buy a 30kW Greenstar boiler for your house. You can easily use the device with a clear display. You can adjust the central heating flow and hot water temperatures on the buttons of the screen. With the low energy pump, you will be able to reduce electrical usage and have instant hot water.
The Worcester bosch Greenstar 25i has a standard 5-year warranty but ıf you installed your boiler by Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer you can increase it up to 7 years warranty. Besides this, the boiler is environmentally friendly.
With a Central Heating Output is 24kW and Hot Water (DHW) Output is 25kW, this engine will be a great product for your home.

What are the Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices?

If you want to buy a Worcester bosch boiler, you have to compare all the prices they have. And when you compare them you should look out for output ratings as well as efficiency and warranty.
Worcester bosch brand is a premium boiler manufacturer with a great price range. Best seller products start at £1200 and up to £2300.