Lochinvar Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boiler Is Most Suitable For You?
Lochinvar Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boiler Is Most Suitable For You?

Lochinvar Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boiler Is Most Suitable For You?

Your combi boiler, which you use both for hot water and for heating your home, maybe break for any reason, or you may want to replace your combi with a new one with better features. Choosing a brand among dozens of combi boiler brands in the market and then choosing one of the dozens of combi boilers of this brand is a very difficult process. To make this process easier for you, today we will inform you about the Lochinvar brand, express what this brand produces, and give you detailed information about the combi boilers of this brand, the problems caused by these combi boilers and the solution to these problems.

At Zara Heating, we sell and install the combi boiler you choose as a result of the well-researched, detailed and accurate information we have provided below. With our decades of experience and expert team, we serve you in the heating areas you want, and we do our best to please you in case you are not satisfied with our services.


An Overview of Lochinvar

Lochinvar, which produces water heaters, boilers and pool heaters with high energy efficiency, focuses on the needs of its customers, not financial demands, even though it is a private company. Thanks to this feature, Lochinvar Corporation, which has risen to the leading position in the market, has given importance to greening the environment of the company as well as producing auxiliary products for environmental protection. Lochinvar company and its employees have succeeded to stand out with their efforts towards recycling by making environmentalism a top priority.

With the largest Research and Development department in North America, Lochinvar provides the training they need for anyone who wants to better understand their products. Especially for this purpose, Lochinvar University, which they opened, creates innovative engineers with its curriculum aimed at developing technology.


A Brief History of Lochinvar

Walter Vallett, the founder of Lochinvar, decided to advance in the field of producing kettles in 1919 and started this career with Everhot Water Heating Company. Later, in 1939, Walter Vallett Company was founded to market industrial water heaters for every need. The ever-developing Walter Vallett Company acquired Michigan Tank and Furnace and the Lochinvar brands in 1954 and incorporated them into its structure. In 1957, Walter Vallett Company changed its name to Lochinvar Water Heater Corporation, for which it held the naming rights.

Thirteen years after changing its name, Lochinvar, which continues to develop and grow, bought Wagoner Water Heater Company and moved its headquarters to Nashville. During the energy crisis of the 1980s, in 1986, Lochinvar launched the Power-Fin boiler, ushering in the era of high-efficiency boilers. In 2001, it moved to its world headquarters in Lochinvar, Lebanon, with a total area of ​​360 thousand square feet. Lochinvar was acquired by A. O. Smith Corporation, the world's largest water heater manufacturer, in 2011 and incorporated into this company.


What Does Lochinvar Produce?

Lochinvar is a famous company in the field of pools and spas and tanks, as well as the boilers and water heaters they produce. Lochinvar company, which expresses that they can produce boilers suitable for every need and can fulfil these words properly, can produce high-efficiency boilers between a few thousand and six million BTUs. Lochinvar water heaters, which are produced in a wide variety, have exactly the water heating precision you need, it is very easy to find the water heater suitable for your special needs.

Lochinvar, who is also an expert in pool heaters and spas, is a leader in the sector in terms of efficiency and precision. Whatever the size of the tank you want to use to store water, Lochinvar tanks will be the ideal tank for you with their customizable feature.


The Best Lochinvar Commercial Boilers

The best selling Commercial boilers are Crest With Hellcat Combustion Technology, Crest Condensing Boilers, Ftxl Fire Pipe Boiler, Knight XL Commercial Boilers, Outdoor Knight XL Condensing Gas Boilers, Classic Knight XL Commercial Boilers, Power-Fin Boilers, Intelli-Fin Boilers and Sync Condensing It is Boilers.

Product Name


Crest With Hellcat Combustion Technology

Featuring a real-time oxygen trim, the Crest boiler is available in eight models ranging from 999,000 BTU to 6.0 Million Btu. This boiler, which also has a thermal efficiency of 96.2%, can be remotely connected with CON·X·US®, this boiler also has SMART TOUCH™ control.

Crest Condensing Boilers

Crest condensing boilers, with the option of real-time oxygen feedback, offer thermal efficiency of up to 96.2%. This boiler, which is produced as environmentally friendly and reduces its low emission carbon footprint, has twelve options between 750,000 and 6 million BTUs. This boiler can be remotely controlled with CON X US® and has a SmartTouch™ operating control system.

Ftxl Fire Pipe Boiler

Ftxl Fire Pipe Boiler, one of the most efficient models on the market with a thermal efficiency rate of up to 98%, has been launched with five models ranging from 399,999 to 850,000 BTUs. It is possible to remotely control this boiler with a flow rate of 10 to 150 GPM with CON•X•US®.

Knight XL Commercial Boilers

Improved and online, Knight XL model combi boilers have a touch screen, thermal efficiency up to 97% and a longer ventilation length. Launched in five models from 399,000 to 999,000 BTU, this model can be remotely controlled via the CON·X·US®.

Outdoor Knight XL Condensing Gas Boilers

This model of Knight boilers, which is a very popular series, has a thermal efficiency of 96.3% and a shutdown ratio of 10:1. Outdoor Knight XL Condensing Gas Boilers, which have 5 models from 399,000 to 999,000 BTU, have a stainless steel tube heat exchanger and have the CON·X·US® Remote Connect feature.

Classic Knight XL Commercial Boilers

This model, which is a favourite of contractors with its environmentally friendly features and high condensing boiler performance, has five types between 399,000 and 800,000 BTUs. Classic Knight XL Commercial Boilers are equipped with CON·X·US®, with a stainless steel water tube heat exchanger and a thermal efficiency of 94%.

Power-Fin Boilers

85% thermal efficiency and 5:1 Power-Fin Boilers with shut-off ratio, CON•X•US® Remote Connection and smart touch LCD Display. This model, which also has a cascade sequencer, is also suitable for outdoor installation. Power-Fin boilers, which have a total of twelve models, vary between 500,000 and 5.0 million BTUs.

Intelli-Finnish Boilers

Intelli-fin Boilers, which have advanced burner design and flexibility of gas and water supply, are available for sale with a thermal efficiency rate of up to 97%. This model, which has multiple ventilation solutions and LonWorks compatibility, has three types as 1.5, 1.7 and 2.0 Million BTU.

Sync Condensing Boilers

Sync Condensing Boilers, which have modulated condensing combustion and provide thermal efficiency up to 98% in low-temperature applications, have three different models between 1 and 1.5 million BTUs.


The Best Lochinvar Residential Boilers

Lochinvar's best selling Residential boilers are Knight Fire Pipe Boilers, Knight Fire Pipe Wall Type Boiler, Noble Combination Gas Boiler / Space Heating Device, Noble Fire Tube Boilers and Knight Water Tube Boilers.

Product Name


Knight Fire Pipe Boilers

With an annual fuel production efficiency of 95%, Knight Fire Pipe Boilers come in six variants between 55,000 and 285,000 BTUs and are easy to install, no matter which model you choose. Equipped with an ECM variable-speed boiler pump, it is also important that these boilers are compatible with SMART SYSTEM™ and CON·X·US®.

Knight Fire Pipe Wall Type Boiler

Knight Fire Pipe Wall Type Boiler, which has 7 different models between 55,000 and 339,000 BTUs, has an annual fuel usage efficiency of 95% and a shutdown ratio of 10:1. Also equipped with an ECM variable-speed boiler pump, this model can be operated with the SMART SYSTEM™ control system and remotely controlled with CON·X·US®.

Noble Combination Gas Boiler / Space Heating Device

Providing both hot water and space heating, this device is available in three models between 110,000 and 199,000 BTUs. This device, which also has an annual fuel usage efficiency rate of 95%, is easy to install and this device also has ease of service.

Noble Fire Tube Boilers

Easy to install and use, Noble Fire Tube Boilers have the lasting reliability and serviceability expected of a Lochinvar boiler. These boilers, which have four models between 80,000 and 199,000 BTU, have an annual fuel usage efficiency of ninety-five per cent. Noble Fire Tube Boilers also have a universal vent connector and SMART CONTROL control system.

Knight Water Tube Boilers

Known for its reliability, proven performance and market-high quality standards, Knight also features an award-winning design. The BTU range of these boilers, which contractors and homeowners buy with peace of mind and save on heating costs, is between 80,000 and 285,000 BTU. With an annual fuel efficiency of 95%, this combi boiler is Energy Star compliant and has a condensing, stainless steel heat exchanger.


Possible Problems and Solutions of Lochinvar Combi Boilers

The most common problems in Lochinvar combi boilers are water leaks, smelly water, very hot water, noise or annoying sounds and gas smell. Although we will share the solutions to these problems with you, you need to contact us for a permanent solution.

Your Lochinvar Boiler is Leaking Water

 Connections between the boiler and the wiring, valves or thermostat threads may not be properly sealed. Loosening water lines between connected equipment can also cause water leakage. To fix these leaks, it will be sufficient to re-tighten all the connections, inspect the cables and replace the damaged ones.

Water Coming From Your Boiler Smells Bad

 If you think that the bad smell of the water you use and heated by your combi is due to its high mineral content, empty the heater and wash it thoroughly.

The Water Coming From The Boiler Is Too Hot

 To check whether the temperature of the water is as you want, you need to look at the thermostat, if this temperature is not what you want in the thermostat, you should set it to the temperature you want.

The Boiler Makes Too Much Noise

 Since the burner is likely to cause a sizzling sound and is quite normal, read the information in the owner's manual and clean the sediment and calcium deposits from the bottom of the tank according to this manual.

Bad Smells Coming from the Ventilation of the Boiler

 Bad gas odours emitted from the vent are caused by no longer supply air, incorrect installation of the vent, downdraft, and poor combustion. In this case, it is imperative that you apply directly to a specialist team.

As Zara Heating, we sell the systems that work for you among these boilers and water heaters and we install them for you. For detailed information about these systems, you can refer to our website or call us directly. With our decades of experience, we are ready to give you the most accurate heating system experience.