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This fault code is associated with Low boiler pressure which is a common problem of a combi boiler. Potterton boiler is a regular boiler that gave this code on the display. It is not just the Potterton models who see this code.
This fault code means the pressures of the boiler are dropped too low. Due to this problem, you might see the e119 code on the display of your Potterton boiler. If this problem occurs in your boiler this could be a significant problem. Since this issue can be related to other reasons, you should immediately contact a Gas Safe Engineer.
If the problem is related to other reasons, the pressure of the system can be lost due to a leak in the boiler or there might be broken seals and pinholes inside of the boiler.
However, this problem is a very common situation for boilers. Since the device can be lost pressure over time, It easily will be able to fix with an expert.
If you think you can fix it on your own, you need to follow some steps.

How To Repressurise A Potterton Boiler?

Firstly you need to turn off the whole system. If it is lockout does not restart the boiler.
The second step is increasing the water pressure in the boiler. It can change how you do this from boiler to boiler. But find the instructions to understand how you going to do it.
A pressure gauge will show you the pressure level on the system. To increase the level you need to top up the water until the green area of the gauge which is the 1.5 mark. When you see this pressure level, you can restart the boiler. If the problem continues you need to contact an engineer to diagnose and repair the boiler.

What is Potterton?

Potterton is a well-known British brand. This brand has been manufacturing the products for over 150 years. With great experience in this field, Potterton’s goal is to meet the customer's needs. Their products are environmentally friendly.