Potterton E133 Fault Code

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Potterton E133 Fault Code

Potterton E133 Fault Code

The condensate pipe is really essential piece of the boiler’s system. It is responsible for transporting acidic water to the drain which is outside of the system. What if the condensate pipe is frozen, what will be happened in the boiler?
Modern Potterton boilers have a display panel to show the system’s work. On this display, you will be able to see the fault codes as well. These codes make it easier and quicker to solve the problem of the boiler. In this way, you can save time and money. The fault code E133 means the condensate pipe is frozen.
During the cold weather in the winter season, the temperatures drop below freezing. Thus, the condensate pipes of boilers might become frozen.
before you see the fault code on the display panel, the system will lockout itself for safety precautions. Since if the boiler continues to operate, the water will be stuck inside of the combi which is dangerous.

To Solve the E133 Fault Code You Can Follow Few Steps

If your condensate pipe is frozen in Winter you can fix it easily without getting help. First, you need to thaw out the condensate pipe. If you do not want to do it on your own you can contact a gas-safe engineer as well.
Do not use boiled water in the condensate pipe, it will be dangerous consequences. You should apply a hot towel or warm water to it. In this way, you can easily throw out the ice on the pipe. To prevent this problem for your boiler, you can insulate the condensate pipe or find a gas-safe engineer to re-locate the condensate pipe area.