The F2 Fault Code Of Viessmann

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The F2 Fault Code Of Viessmann

The F2 Fault Code Of Viessmann

Viessmann is a brand origin of Germany with very high standards. However, they are now manufactured in over 12 countries.
Viessmann F2 fault code shows us the burner of the boiler is a lockout. The burner point of the boiler is working pretty well but the common problem is the find the pump in the boiler. This pump is responsible for heating the water by the burner. If the pump does not work properly the burner itself cannot heat the water for the central heating system.
When you turn on the central heating system which is related to your boiler, the burner heats the water in the system and the pump sends this water to the pipes. If the pipe stops working the central heating system cannot work. The hot water is not able to reach the pipes to heat the whole house. When the water inside of the system is boiled, The burner will stop heating it, or else the Viessmann boiler can overheat. To prevent this dangerous issue the boiler will lockout itself when it detected the problem. And this way, the display panel will show the F2 fault code to users.
The pump might stop working due to airlocks as well. Airlocks are air panels of the boiler. In this case, you will notice strange noises in the boiler. Or could be happened due to the blockage of the system itself.

How Are You Going To Fix The F2 Fault Code?

The F2 Fault code is related to the burner and the pump which are located behind the combi boiler. Thus, you need to call a gas-safe engineer to remove the boiler from the place.