The F4 Fault Code Of Viessmann Boiler

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The F4 Fault Code Of Viessmann Boiler

The F4 Fault Code Of Viessmann Boiler

Viessmann was founded in 1917. This brand is run in this field as a family-owned company. They promise us quiet products with a long warranty. They have different ranges and various models.

What is the F4 fault code?

F4 fault code which displays on the Viessmann boiler’s panel is related to lack of flame detection. When you demand hot water or heating on the Viessmann boiler, the system will give a signal to other relevant parts inside the boiler. These parts include the gas valve to open, the burner to fire up. If you do not flame in the burner the system cannot heat the water as well as the house. So you will not able to increase the temperature.
With the F4 fault code, the system will lockout itself for safety precautions. But in rare cases the system cannot shut itself you need to do it manually. This precaution is to make sure the boiler is not dangerous to itself or the house.
For this fault code, you need to call a gas safe engineer to ensure that further damage isn’t caused to boiler components and detect the whole situation. When you call the Gas Safe boiler repair company, they will come to analyze anything that could be caused this flame problem. Which are :
• Gas valve
• Electronics
• Burner
• Flame sensor
• Ignition lead
• Spark generator
Since boilers have a lot of sensors, your boiler will fires up when you are in demand. At this point, PCB will show the signal flame sensor. But ıf you do not have a flame after your signal the boiler cannot accomplish this mission. To solve this situation, your boiler will need to take the flame signal test by the engineer. If the signal or the sensor is not working it will replace it.