The F5 Fault code for the Viessmann boiler

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The F5 Fault code for the Viessmann boiler

The F5 Fault code for the Viessmann boiler

Viessmann is a well-known German origin brand of domestic heating. They have been manufacturing since 1917. They improved themselves as a brand over years, now they have different ranges and various models.
The F5 Fault code is related to the gas pressure of the system. This problem can be also caused by electrical connections.
When you see the fault code on the display panel of the combi boiler, the boiler will probably lockout itself. These types of boilers are designed to protect themselves. If the boiler continues to operate it will be dangerous. Gas-related issues are really serious problems. The lockout will stay till the boiler engineer fixed the problem. This fault code is placed on the printed circuit board. The Gas Safe registered boiler repair company will be able to detect the problem’s cause and fixed the problem of your Viessmann boiler. By analyzing the range of sensors, they can test the switch by using a multi-meter. If this switch is not working, the power needs to be replaced. After replacing the pressure switch, the engineer will reset the Viessmann combi boiler. In this way, you can get rid of the F5 fault code.

Can My Gas Valve be Repaired?

You can do small repairs on the gas valve of the boiler. These can be, for example, loose connections, or small wiring problems. However ıf the gas valve problem is complicated you will need to replace it. Thus you should contact a gas safe engineer for this procedure. To the expert, you can pay around £300 for replacing the gas valve. This job will take one day to complete.