Vaillant Boiler No Hot Water
Vaillant Boiler No Hot Water

Vaillant Boiler No Hot Water

There can be many reasons that you cannot receive hot water on the boiler that you are currently using. It is possible to not get hot water while you can have heating at the same time. You need to detect the exact problem on the boiler and you can try to fix it after you know what exactly the reason is that you cannot get the hot water on your boiler.

Causes for No Hot Water Problem

The Condensate Pipe: Cold weather can be a reason to freeze the condensate pipe and when the condensate pipe is frozen the boiler will turn off the system and you cannot take the hot water. You can try to solve this problem and you need to restart your boiler to see if it is working. You can see the error code F28 and F29 for this problem.

Timer Fault: The thermostat problem is the reason to get heating but not hot water. If your thermostat is also working as the timer on the boiler, you will not be able to get hot water when there is a problem with the thermostat.

Faulty Pump & Pressure Sensor: To detect the faulty pump or pressure sensor problem, you will need to check the F75 error code and can try to fix the problem.

Pressure Problem: Low water pressure can be a reason to not get hot water. You can look at the F22 error code to fix the problem.

Faulty Gas Valve & Electric Problem: For the faulty gas valve you need to check the F62 error code to fix the problem. If the problem is about the gas system you should contact the professional boiler service instantly and you do not need to buy a new boiler immediately because the problem can be fixed by the professionals.