Viessmann Vitodens 050 – Honest and Detailed Review! Features, Benefits, Price, and More!

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Viessmann Vitodens 050 – Honest and Detailed Review! Features, Benefits, Price, and More!

Viessmann Vitodens 050 – Honest and Detailed Review! Features, Benefits, Price, and More!

Today we will examine one of the best-selling models on the market, the Vitodens 050 by Viessman. This product, which offershigh-quality performance and can be preferred by almostevery segment especially due to its low price, has variousadvantages and benefits. We aim to facilitate your decision by examining all the features of the product within the frame workof our full honest review content.

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In a Nuttshell: Key Streghts of Viessman Vitodens 050

We wanted to list the advantageous features of the Viessman Vitodent 050 in a nut shell, so that you have a preview before you take a look at the content:

  1. Low price Available for everyone
  2. Compact size
  3. LCD user interface
  4. Low carbon dioxide emission
  5. Ability to work with LPG
  6. High warranty period
  7. Instant water heater option
  8. A system that can be integrated with smart homeapplications
  9. Up to 97 percent efficiency option
  10. Stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger

Main Features of Vitodens 050: Benefits and Advantages

Let's take a closer look at Vitodens 050, one of the popular hot water boiler heating systems on the market:

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger - High Efficiency & Savings& Low Maintenance

Transmitting the high part of the energy consumed in wate rheating processes to the right place helps you save money by reducing the total gas usage.

Hey, the stainless steel heat exchanger used in the Vitodens050 provides exactly this. Energy is converted into heat in the most efficient way. More over, this component, which is extraresistant to heat and electrical energy, is Inox-Radial, whichmeans it has a longer life and needs less maintenance. Afterthe installation of your high-efficiency gas boiler, you do not have to constantly spend energy on maintenance.

Comfortable Living Spaces with Low Noise

Since heat boiler devices generally do not contain shock absorbers, they may produce a higher noise than necessary. The way to get rid of this noise that reduces your daily life comfort is to choose a shock arrestor-supported boiler like Vitodens 050. More over, you do not need to pay an extra fee for this shock absorber that provides silence. This is how the standard version of the product is sent to you.

BONUS: How Does Build-In Shock Arrestor Work?

The silent operation of the device depends on the Build-InShock Arrestor. Normally, every time the faucet is opened, a loud rattling sound begins to be heard in the pipes through which the water passes. The main feature of the shock arrestoris to eliminate the water hammer and provide a quiet experience by reducing the intensity of the impact that creates the sound.

Instant Water Heater - Fast, Integrated, and Efficient

You don't have to plan minutes in advance when to use the hot water!

Vatodens 050 model provides hot water almost instantly thanks to its high-quality instant water heater feature. While standard taps provide approximately 9 liters of water flow in one minute, this number can go up to 12 liters when youchoose Vitodens. A standard Viessmann Vitodens 050 workswith an output flow rate of 29kW and 35kW. This makes this device sufficient, especially for houses with three bedrooms.

BONUS: You can prefer 29kW for properties up to 10 radiators with one bathroom and choose the 35kW option forproperties up to 20 radiators with one or two bathrooms.

Increased Reliability with Long Term Warranty

When a device has a long warranty period, our approach to it also changes: Because they, it shows that the company is confident about what they produce. The boiler has a 7-year warranty as standard (It is also possible to extend this warranty period under certain conditions.). More over, by connecting to the company's smart application called Tado, it is possible to manage your boiler and review energy summaries from anywhere.

LCD Screen Control Panel - Easy to Use & High-Quality User Interface

Another feature that distinguishes the Vitodens 050 from its competitors is the LCD screen, where the current settings of the device are shown and allows you to easily make the necessary adjustments. Even your children will be able to operate this device, which is very easy to read and can be use deasily even by novices!

Ideal for Small Houses: The Compact Size Advantage

Where do you plan to install your heat boiler in your home? Especially those who have a small house or who want to getrid of the rough appearance by hiding the boiler behind a cabinet can choose this boiler with a compact design.

Vitodens 050 is a very advantageous product in this respect. You can mount the product with a height of 707 mm, 400mm wide, and 350mm deep with a 37kg weight.

Respectful to the Environment: Ambitious about CO2 Emission Rates!

Well, we all agree that it is very important to be respectful tonature as a lifestyle, especially in recent times, right?

Vitodens 050 also aims to cause minimum harm to the environment with its low carbon dioxide absorption. Popular eco-friendly labeled boilers on the market cost several times higher than the Vitodens 050, while Vitodens is available at a very affordable price despite a low CO2 emission.

High Energy Efficiency - It Will Reflects On Your Bill!

Here is the good news: When you choose the popular boiler model Vitodens 050, you benefit from an energy efficiency of up to 97 percent.

The high-efficiency feature is created by weather compensation technology. Also, by excellent technology the device use, almost all of the gas energy is spent directly on water heating, thus avoiding high gas usage. This is both verybeneficial for the environment and relieves the burden of yourbills.

Bonus: How does weather compensation technology Work?

Here is the secret of Viessman Vitodens 050: The device works by receiving a regular data transmission from a temperature sensor installed in the exterior of the property and facing north. This data transfer causes some changes in the boiler temperature according to the current state of the outside temperature. That is, radiator temperature in your home increases / decreases its heat automatically accordingly. Believe us, this feature will help you to save money and get efficiency by providing heat protection in general.

Who Should Prefer Viessmann Vitodens 050?

Who should choose this best selling compact, low CO2 emission, and small wall-mounted boiler? For whom is this a great option? Let's examine:

1. Those who will move to a new house or renovate their house (Because it has a light and easy to install structure)
2. Owners of 2 or 3 bedroom houses (Sufficient thanks tohigh-quality flow rate, weather compensation technology,and high capacity)
3. Those who want to prevent huge bills (The gas to be spent is low thanks to the efficiency rates of up to 97percent)
4. Those who like to use smart home applications (Thishigh quality best selling boiler product can be integrated with smart thermostats. You can control your boiler and manage data with applications such as Nest and Tado viayour smartphone)
5. People who have a property with up to 10 radiatorswith one bathroom (best with 29kW) or property withup to 20 radiators with one or two bathrooms (bestwith 35kW) (The product has the ideal capacity for these types of properties)
6. Those who request installation for different locations(It can be installed in many areas from the kitchen toairing cupboard, utility room thanks to its compact size and useful structure)
7. Those who trust German quality in technological products (Viessman is a good choice for those who trust German quality in many technological products)

Technical Features and Specifications of ViessmanVitodens 050

Explore the most important technical features andspecifications of Viessman Vitodens 050, easily compare it with other popular boiler options!



Energy Class

A Rated

LPG Compatible or Not

LPG Compatible


36 kg

Mounting Style

Wall Mounted

Rated Heating Output (50 / 30C)

kW 6.5 – 24.0 8.5 – 33.0

Rated heating output for DHW heating

kW 5.9 – 29.3 8.0 – 35.0

Rated heating output (80/60 °C)

kW 5.9 – 21.9 8.0 – 31.1


707mm (Height) x 400mm (Width) x 350mm (Depth)

Rated heat input

kW 6.1 – 22.4 8.2 – 30.9


At full load (to DIN) – 97.1%, 97.1%
At partial load (to DIN) – 108.4, 108.4
SEDBUK (2009) >89.1, >89.1

Flue gas connection

Ø mm 60

Central Heating Max. Output




Flow Rate

29kW – 12.3 l / min
35 kW – 14.5 l / min

Operating pressure bar

MPa 3 0.3 3 0.3 Weight kg 37 39

Controll Screen

Colored LCD diplay

Convenience According to EN 13203

Expansion vessel Capacity litres 8 8 Permiss

NOx class 5 5 NOx emissions

<39mg/kWh <39mg/kWh