What Are The Types Of Combi Boiler?
 What Are The Types Of Combi Boiler?

What Are The Types Of Combi Boiler?

By analyzing the small differences, you will be able to find a model which suits your home best. Every combi boiler is unique for its range and brand but also we can list them with the work style of the boiler.

What types of boiler suits you best?

The first one is Gas combi boilers. These boilers are used in a combination of Natural gas and which is the most commonly installed type in the UK. If your house is connected to the gas network, you can choose these boilers plus that it will keep running costs down.
The second one is Oil combi boilers. If your house is not connected to the gas network it will be a great choice for you. This type of boiler needs a tanker of oil which is placed outside of the house. Besides the tank’s place, you need to fill up when the oil is wasted.
The third one is LPG combi boiler. LPG combi boilers are produced from natural gas and oil extraction. This type similar to the oil boilers, since it needs to be supplied with fuel placed in your garden. You need to refill the boiler when it's running low.
The fourth one is Electric combi boilers, This type of boilers is really different from other types of combi boilers. Because it does not burn the fuel to heat the water. But the water on the system passes over the electric elements of the component and this hot water cylinder continues to work every time the system wants to hot water. This is a popular alternative combi boiler for homes that are not connected to any gas grid and oil. Besides that these types do not need any more supplements. This combi boiler can produce hot water with energy but for large homes, this device is not recommended due to the electricity consumption.
Before buying a combi, we recommend that you look at the models that are suitable for the size and characteristics of your home.