What is the Best Condensing Boiler 2021? Detailed Guide!
What is the Best Condensing Boiler 2021? Detailed Guide!

What is the Best Condensing Boiler 2021? Detailed Guide!

Condensing boiler products, which will help you meet the temperature and hot water needs of your house in the easiest way, are preferred by many people recently. As a result of some legal regulations made on April 1, 2007, all boiler products in England are required to be condensing in order to maximize efficiency and protect human life. Moreover, this regulation does not exist only in the UK, but the related law is applied to gas boilers in Scotland since 1 April 2005.

So, we can easily say this: No matter what brand you buy a gas boiler, the product you buy must have the following features:

  1. Boiler with condensing system
  2. Internal dynamic with a sealed system
  3. Configured open ventilated structure

If you want to buy a condensing boiler and perform a new combi installation, we, as Zara Heating, are ready to help. Our collection of best-selling boiler models in 2021 includes many alternatives. It may be difficult for you to decide which of the product alternatives with different kW performances, size specifications and service volumes is best for you. That's why we have prepared a comprehensive condensing boiler guide for you in the company of our experts. In the continuation of the content, you will see the best-rated boiler models of this year and you will discover what you should pay attention to when comparing. If you're ready, let's get started.

What Should You Consider When Choosing The Best Condensing Boiler?

As Zara Heating, we are ready to find exactly the combi boiler your family needs, with years of experience. Today, almost all combis in England, Wales and Scotland have to have an efficiency of 92 percent or more due to environmentally friendly policies. In order to do this, combi boilers need to employ various technologies.

Things that can be employed and that will be a comparison factor for you can be listed as follows:

  1. Weather compensation: This technology allows you to have a boiler operating with the right performance to compensate for the indoor temperature on extra cold days.
  2. Load Compensation: These are smart technologies that increase load efficiency.
  3. Smart control systems for Automation and Optimization: You can have condensing combi boilers that can be controlled intelligently with smart thermostats.
  4. Flue gas heat recovery systems: These are efficiency-enhancing systems that prevent the release of gas into the space and use it for heat.

Are we okay so far? Wonderful! All of these considerations for condensing boiler products generally aim at two things:

  1. Establishing a more environmentally friendly heating system by reducing carbon emissions
  2. Reducing the burden of your bills through increased efficiency

That's why condensing combi boilers with new generation technology are very popular.

Now we will try to compare the leading models of the industry in terms of quality, durability, user reviews, dimensions, price-performance values and warranty periods. If you have more questions, don't forget to contact us.

Explore More: How Does Technology of Condensing Boilers Work?

Before figuring out which is the best condensing boiler, we think it's important to understand exactly what condensation means to boilers. That's why we wanted to briefly talk to you about technology.

The basic technology of the boilers is to distribute hot water to the radiators around the house and thus to create the heat balance in your home. In some heating systems, water can be transferred to underfloor heating devices instead of radiators. The same technology also helps to run hot water from any faucet in your home.

So how is this achieved?

In order to do this in condensing boilers, the heat exchanger must be supported. For this, a fan is mounted right next to the heat exchanger. The mounted fan also includes a "closed combustion chamber" within its body. Combustion gases pass through here instead of being discharged freely.

Best Seller Condensing Boilers – Explore the Heart of the Market!

Now you know very well what condensing boiler products are and you can understand how these products work. We are sure that you will understand much better the information we provide about all the products we will talk about in the continuation of the content. If you wish, let's start to examine the leading products of the sector right away.

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W: The Highest Efficiency with 98%

Available in the market with 3 different kW performance options, Viessmann Vitodens can offer a guarantee option of up to 10 years when you install it through Zara Heating. The very high efficiency of the product causes especially large families to prefer this product for lower bills.

  1. The product works with gas.
  2. There are three different versions of the product as 26, 30 and 35 kW.
  3. The hot water flow rate for different versions is 10.3, 12.3 and 14.5, respectively. These values ​​are litres per minute.
  4. The product is compactly designed with a width of 450 mm for easy mounting even in tight spaces.
  5. The product is evaluated in efficiency class A.
  6. The device, which has MatriX cylinder burner technology, has low carbon emissions. It is eco-friendly with this feature.
  7. If you use this device, which works with the error code system, a malfunction that occurs, a company authorized by Viessmann can easily see the cause of the error remotely and the repair process is accelerated.


Want to buy a Viessmann Vitodens 200-W condensing boiler now? Contact Zara Heating experts now!

Viessmann Vitodens 100-W – Best Buy with 35kW

We have shared a very detailed review about Viessmann Vitodens 100-W on our website before. Therefore, we will provide information in a more compact way here. This gas-powered device works with three different kW. These can be listed as 26, 30, 35 kW. Three different hot water flow rates are given for each performance level: 10 litres, 12 litres and 14.5 litres per minute. Viessmann Vitodens 100-W offers the leading option in marketing, especially for those who want to get service over a high performance of 35 kW.

The prominent feature of the product is that it has a stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger. This means extra high-quality interiors and maximum durability.

  1. There is a built-in LPG conversion kit in the device.
  2. You can benefit from extra warranty options by contacting us.
  3. We can say that the device with a MatriX cylinder burner gives low carbon emissions.
  4. Thanks to the low fan speed, the device works at such a low volume that you can hardly hear it.
  5. You can contact us now to discover more!

As Zara Heating, we offer comprehensive services not only to those who will buy their device from scratch, but also to those who will have their current device serviced. If you wish, you can request a new boiler installation quote from us, or you can contact our experts for detailed information about new boiler replacement costs. All of your interviews will be answered by producing special solutions for you.

Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ combi – Responsible to the Environment

The environmentally friendly Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ combi, which draws attention with its new generation condensing technology in your search for new boiler UK, is a gas-powered device. Although the device has a lower efficiency performance than its competitors (89 percent), the device is an indispensable option for large houses and large families with its performance of up to 43 kW. You can contact us immediately to purchase this product through Zara Heating and to take advantage of current promotions and additional warranty opportunities.

  1. The most important feature of the product is its extremely quiet operation.
  2. Thanks to its 43 kW version, the product almost breaks the market record. The product is powerful enough to enable you to access hot water from all the taps in your home at the same time, with a hot water flow rate of 17.8 litres per minute. Besides, it has an A class efficiency level.

Do not forget to contact us to learn more and decide which product is the most advantageous for your home.

ATAG iC Economiser Plus 35 – 39 kW

ATAG iC Economiser Plus 35 is a remarkable option in the market as one of the gas powered and highly efficient condensing boilers. The most important feature that distinguishes the product from others is that it also makes it extremely efficient. It is possible to say that the negative side of the brand when compared to others is its relatively high prices. Although the 94 percent efficiency rate makes it advantageous, you may need to allocate a little more budget during the initial purchase process.

  1. The product works with gas.
  2. It has a high warranty period. The 14-year warranty period makes the product different from others. The product is advantageous because the number of problems covered by the warranty is also quite high.
  3. There is a Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device in the product and this feature increases the product quality.
  4. Thanks to the built-in weather compensation technology offered to the users, the device, which works extremely effectively even in very cold weather, always manage to keep its efficiency at the highest level.
  5. It is a product that has succeeded in entering the A class efficiency category in terms of both heating and providing hot water.
  6. You can manage the product via your smartphone by connecting it to Wifi, or you can synchronize the smart thermostat devices with the product. All this is designed so that you can easily control the device even from a distance.
  7. High-quality stainless steel and brass are used in the interior parts of the product. Considering that its competitors frequently use plastic, this is an extremely advantageous feature.

If you are looking for a condensing boiler that will contribute to your budget by working both environmentally friendly and very efficiently, this product may be the right option. Do not forget that you can contact Zara Heating experts immediately to get more information, talk details and buy the boiler.

Viesssmann Vitodens 050 – W

Among the gas boiler review contents we shared with you before, we also reserved special content for the Viessmann 050 - W product and talked in detail about the product features. We think that you will love this product, which has a very comprehensive warranty period of 10 years and achieves excellent works with a low invoice with an efficiency score of 93 percent. The product is offered for sale in the market with two different kW options. These can be listed as 29 kW and 35 kW. You can purchase this gas-operated condensing boiler together with the installation service from Zara Heating. The installation process will take place very safely, we are Gas Safe members!

  1. The hot water flow rate of the product varies according to different kW performances. For a 29 kW device, 12.3 litres / minute, for a 35 kW device, the hot water flow rate is 14.5 litrs / minute.
  2. The product has an extremely compact structure. You can easily install the device with a height of 707 mm in your kitchen.
  3. In order to increase durability, a stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger is used in the product. This has helped extend the life of the device.
  4. The product has a new generation LCD screen where you can view and change the current operating performance and temperature settings.
  5. The device, which has low carbon dioxide emissions, is an excellent alternative for those who want to use an eco-friendly product but cannot afford it.