What is the Ideal Room Temperature For Your Home? – Adjust Your Boiler Combi Accordingly!
What is the Ideal Room Temperature For Your Home? – Adjust Your Boiler Combi Accordingly!

What is the Ideal Room Temperature For Your Home? – Adjust Your Boiler Combi Accordingly!

Adjusting the temperature of your house in a way that will provide your comfort and not consume energy unnecessarily may seem a bit difficult at first. However, both the technology developed in this field and the new generation combi boilers having weather compensation technology enable you to easily find the healthiest heat for you, depending on the weather conditions. Our content for today has been carefully prepared for you by Zara Heating experts. In this content, we will tell you what the ideal temperature should be for a house in the UK, and we will give you small tips on how to set your boilers.

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Ideal Room Temperature for Different Rooms

While trying to calculate the ideal temperature for your home, it should not be forgotten that you actively use each room for different purposes and at different times. Therefore, the ideal temperature for rooms can vary by a few degrees.

It is possible to say that the ideal residential temperature is generally around 20 degrees Celsius or 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Now let's examine the ideal environments for different rooms:

  1. The ideal temperature for living rooms: The living room is usually a sitting area where you spend a long time and are not active. Therefore, it is necessary to have a temperature that increases concentration, does not overwhelm you while sitting, but does not cause you to feel cold due to inactivity. This corresponds to between 20 and 22 degrees.
  2. The ideal temperature for bathrooms: In bathrooms, the room temperature can rise a few degrees. Experts recommend a temperature between 22 and 24 degrees for this area where our body is more open to external factors.
  3. The ideal temperature for bedrooms: Bedrooms should be heated between 16 and 19 degrees for a pleasant and quality sleep experience. Usually, this temperature range triggers our body's internal temperature balancing system and brings along a better quality sleep process. Of course, this rule may change for children and the elderly. For example, children's bedrooms should be heated between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius, due to the possibility that their immune systems may be weaker.
  4. The ideal temperature for corridors & laundry rooms and cellars: It will be sufficient for the room temperature to be between 15 and 18 degrees in areas such as corridors, laundry rooms, cellars, attics, which are areas that are used while we are actively moving around and that are used for shorter periods.

What to Consider While Deciding on Ideal House Temperature?

Now you know that the average temperature is between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit in order to use your boiler in the most efficient and energy-efficient way while keeping your comfort high in your home. Indeed, generally, 68 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended by experts to save energy in the winter months.


But as you can imagine, the same temperature may not be "best" for every situation, type of residence, location, or lifestyle. That's why we wanted to briefly talk about the factors that affect the ideal residential temperature in the UK:

Humidity level

The dry air of the winter months causes your skin to lose moisture at a high rate. Moisture loss will mean rapid evaporation of the liquid contained in the skin layer. This feeling causes you to feel cold faster in a short time. In summer, high humidity will reduce evaporation and cause you to be overwhelmed.

Age & Health status of the people

The health status or age of the individuals living at home are among the factors affecting the temperature to be preferred. For example, higher temperatures may be preferred in homes with children or elderly individuals.

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Structural features of the house

The facade, floor, or location of a house will also affect the ideal temperature you need in your home. For example, in a south-facing residence, temperatures of less than 78 degrees are recommended. But if your home is facing the north or if the place in question is a school / nursery where children spend time, this temperature may cause chills.

Time of day or house usage rate

For a boiler to work efficiently, we can say that it is generally beneficial to keep the house at a constant temperature. Because not heating the house at certain hours means that when you run the boiler, the house consumes much more energy to reach the determined temperature. So, the comfort of the house that cannot keep the heat in itself will be lower.

That's why we generally recommend that you don't completely close the boiler that has to heat your home to the ideal temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and 78 degrees in summer. But of course, not closing does not mean not changing the degree when it is not necessary at that moment. You can still turn down the temperature when everyone is outside the house, ie. at work during daylight hours.

What Should Be The Minimum Room Temperature?

For a healthy and comfortable experience, the minimum room temperature of a house in the UK should not fall below 18 degrees. Especially since the immune system of the elderly is a little weaker, it is recommended to pay extra attention to this in homes and public areas where the elderly and children are present.

The temperature that can be expressed as "cold for the home" in the UK is approximately 12 degrees Celsius. This temperature, which will cause you to feel uncomfortable and cold, can cause you to develop various health problems.

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Can we talk about different ideal room temperatures for summer and winter?

The outside air temperature has to have a direct impact on the operating performance of the boiler in your home. That's why hot water boiler products usually receive information from a weather sensor installed in the north of the house. This information enables the boiler to regulate operating performance with weather compensation technology and bring the house to the ideal temperature level.

  1. One of the important things that make the difference between winter and summer is the wind factor. The wind, which happens more in the winter compared to summer days, may make one area of ​​the house colder than the other and dissipate the heat to the surroundings. In this case, you will have to organize the temperature differently for different rooms.
  2. It will be useful to use a thermostat in your home or to organize the temperature with a smart boiler. A cooler temperature of between 2 and 4 degrees is acceptable in the bedroom while setting higher temperatures in the living room.
  3. In summer, a residential temperature of between 18 and 19 degrees Celsius will be sufficient for you. In this case you do not need to start the boiler unless you think it is necessary. Instead, when the evening is cool, it will be enough to take a thin blanket over you.
  4. In the winter months, the demanded temperature rises to 22-24 degrees due to the increase in humidity.

Do You Need a New Boiler?

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