What is the Worcester Greenstar 8000

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What is the Worcester Greenstar 8000

What is the Worcester Greenstar 8000

The new Worcester combi boiler series of 8000 boiler range consists of 2 different models. The first one is Life, and the second one is called the Style.

Let’s discover this Worcester 8000 Life boiler range!

This combi boiler is a direct replacement for the Greenstar CDI classic. With the new Life boiler, they increased the 19% in domestic hot water output to satisfy the customers and meet their needs. Now the combi boiler is a more user and engineer-friendly device. The main screen of the control is improved to make it easier to use and added more options to adjust it. Besides that, the life range allows for a much greater flue length in runs which enables you to a lot more cost-effective while saving money from energy bills. This 8000 life boiler is 115% longer than the normal CDI classic Worcester boiler. You can find the life range as a combi, system, or regular boiler. It can available outputs ranging from 30kw-50kw. The Worcester 8000 Life series is only produced in White color.

Let’s find out what is the Worcester 8000 style boiler range!

This range is available in both high gloss black and white options. This makes it unique in the boiler industry. Besides that, it has a full touch screen display. With this excellent touch screen, you do not need to search any fault code and manuals. The style boiler range is available in combi, system, or regular boiler with a range of 30-50kw outputs. With new high-quality features, you do not need to worry about the pressure in the system of this great boiler. Besides all the advantages it offers 12 years guarantee.
The filling link is maintaining the system pressure at the 1.3 bar level. It can be programmed, monitored, and controlled through the EasyControl app. This is a great advantage for the users. With its innovative software, an internal filling valve can automatically fill the heating system. Also, it prevents the boiler from over-filling.

What are the prices of Worcester 8000 combi boilers?

Since the device has new improved software, the prices are much higher than the other ranges. But it offers great advantages to the users. The typical price of the style is £1,446 but in total cost, you will pay between £2,246 to £2,746. The life range is starting from £1,409.99 and gets higher to £2,293.29.