What Should You Know Before Buying Combi Boiler

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What Should You Know Before Buying Combi Boiler

What Should You Know Before Buying Combi Boiler

Firstly, you have to know what is a combi boiler. Combi boiler is a single compact unit for both high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler. Due to the space-saving idea, it is recently getting popular in the UK. With the high demand, there are lots of brands which produce combi boilers as well as other boilers. But before you buy you need to know some steps to meet your need.

What size do you need?

For the average combi boilers, there are 4 sizes which are 24-25kw, 28-30kw, 33-35kw, and 40kw. These sizes depend on your rooms and bathrooms. If you have a small house the 24-25Kw would be great for you. 28-30 kW will be ideal for small-medium houses. İf you have a higher demand for hot water you need to buy the higher kW boiler. Besides that, there is no boiler which can give hot water to 2 bathrooms at the same time. kW output is basically the boiler’s power to heat the house and the water. Also, The physical size of your boiler is important you need to measure the space and search the exact size combi boiler.

Look for the best boiler brands

When you are buying a combi boiler you need to choose a trustworthy brand. How you can find a trustworthy brand? It is easy you can search for bestseller combi boilers online or you can look for awarded brands such as Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Vaillant. Also, the guarantee of the product is really important for its reliability.

Set your budget

For most people, setting the budget is important before shopping. If you are clear on your budget, you will manage to find your ideal combi boiler. The price of a new boiler depends on many things such as the manufacturer, range, and model. If you can spend a great deal of money, you can buy a great quality brand and model. But if you have limited money, you should consider other options. Also, the price of the boiler changes through the output rating. Because of that, before you search for your brand you must decide which kW is best for you.

Checked the warranty

Combi boilers are very sensitive devices, they can sometimes fail. For this time if you have a warranty you will be able to easily solve the problem. UK boiler brands offer warranties on their boilers. But the length of the warranty can be change depend on the brand and model. Besides that, some of the boiler’s warranty can be extended by the combi boiler service. When they installed the boiler into your house, they offer you an extension. So, keep in mind you will need to contact a gas-safe engineer to install your device and get more warranty.