Which One to Choose: Combi Boiler, System Boiler or Heat Only Boiler?
Which One to Choose: Combi Boiler, System Boiler or Heat Only Boiler?

Which One to Choose: Combi Boiler, System Boiler or Heat Only Boiler?

Are you looking for technologies that can offer the best heating solutions for your home? Then you are definitely in the right place. With its new generation solutions, Zara Heating is ready to offer you the best combi boiler for the size of your house, the number of households or your needs. Heating solutions with a modern structure differ from each other in terms of different factors such as efficiency, speed of hot water supply, and additional technologies they have. Considering that a heating system is used in the house for 10 to 15 years, it becomes really important to find a sufficiently high quality, durable and efficient solution. Therefore, in this content, we will talk about different types of boilers and decide together which one is best for your family.

Then you now know which question you will find the answer to in this content: "What rtpe of coiler do I need?" Also remember, whatever type of product you decide on, Zara Heating is ready to support you with your purchase, installation, repair or maintenance processes. Our employees, who benefit from new generation technologies, offer you the most up-to-date and popular boiler brands and are members of Gas Safe, will really work hard in the process of installing your home's heating system!

What Are Three Types of Boilers?

There are three basic types of boilers used in the UK today. These can be listed as follows:

  1. Combi boilers
  2. Heat-only boilers
  3. System boilers.

We will take a closer look at all of these boiler types later in this content. If you're ready, let's start.

Combi Boilers 101: Definition & Working Principle

Combi boiler products, popularly used in the UK and manufactured by brands from Viessmann to Baxi, can be a great solution for your home. These products not only produce heating for your entire home but also provide an accessible flow of hot water from anywhere in the house. With these features, combi boilers meet all the needs at once.

The feature that distinguishes these products from others is that they do not have hot water tanks and they take up a very small space. Zara Heating has dozens of different types of combi boilers. You should definitely take a look at these.

The Working Principle of Combi Boilers

So how does the combi boiler work? Let's take a look together.

The basic thing that the Combi boiler does is to draw the water to be heated directly from the mains line and heat it with the help of a heat exchanger. It is preferred that the heat exchanger used is stainless steel. Aluminium heat exchangers will mean lower durability and shorter life.

Such products also do not have a hot water tank, so every time the water needs to be heated, it takes water from the mains water. This will mean that the water will run cold for a while and wait for it to warm up.

A simple wall-hung unit determines whether the device is powered on, operating performance, and more. From here you can easily decide how you want your device to work. The fact that the device does not need any hot tube or tank makes it an indispensable alternative for modern living spaces.

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What are the Advantages of Using a Combi Boiler?

Hey, imagine how much space-saving it could be without the need for a hot water tank or tube. Really great savings!

  1. Combi boilers can be used for years with very low maintenance costs due to their modern structures and high durability levels.
  2. When you want to access hot water from the tap, combi boilers with new technology can do this in a few seconds. So you don't have to wait long and wastewater in vain. This also means efficiency.
  3. Looking for the best combi boiler products? Then you are definitely in the right place. Contact Zara Heating and let's explore together which products might be right for you.

What are the Disadvantages of Using a Combi Boiler?

Combi boilers have almost no direct disadvantages. However, some functions of the product may differ when compared to other product groups. These can be shown as disadvantages for some consumers. Here are some of these features:

  1. If your house has poor flow rates and/or poor incoming water pressure, the device will operate slowly because it takes water from the mains line. In this case, either the heating process will be very slow and will be interrupted from time to time, or it will not take place at all. That's why you need to be aware of the water pressure facility of your home.
  2. In addition, if two or more taps are opened at the same time in the house, the performance of the combi boiler may not be sufficient to deliver hot water at both taps. You will see that one or both of the faucets start to run cold water.
  3. If the pipeline you use in your home is 15 millimetres, combi boilers that are known to have a flow rate of approximately 12.5 litres per minute may not be sufficient. Because such pipes will require more water and energy for heating.

Heat-Only Boilers 101: Definition & Working Principle

Heat-Only Boilers is a system that works only to provide heating in the house and gives heat to different rooms of the house through radiators with a hot water cylinder. This system is not related to the water that will flow from the faucets of the house, it only affects the temperature of the environment.

Do you want to reach such products, also called Conventional boilers, as soon as possible? Luckily there's Zara Heating! With the grinder, you can find the most suitable traditional boiler option for your home and buy it at advantageous prices with additional warranty options.

The Working Principle of Heat-Only Boilers

Heat-Only Boilers are products that can be used by people who have a radiator at home and that provide heating by sending hot water to the radiators. The working principle of these products is also known as an open-vented heating system. In order for such a system to work properly, there are Feed and Expansion tanks integrated with the boiler. These tanks operate according to the inputs they receive from each other in a sealed system and manage to distribute heat throughout the house.

If you think heat-only boilers meet your needs, check out the rest of the content.


Advantages of Heat-Only Boilers

There can be many advantages to using traditional boiler products, also known as heat-only. Check them out and see why they are a good choice for your home.

  1. First of all, if your home is a traditional farmhouse and your radiators are old, you need a product that can integrate well with them. Heat-only boilers are known to work very effectively in houses designed according to the old heating system. If you prefer combi boilers over old radiators, the very high water flow rate to be given may cause problems such as water leakage in the radiators.
  2. Since these products only provide heating and do not affect the water, they are quite affordable. If you want to make a budget choice, we can say that you are in the right place.

Disadvantages of Heat-Only Boilers

Here are the main features of heat-only boilers that pointed as disadvantages by some consumers. Let’s have a look at these together:

  1. If you want your water to come from your taps as hot, heat-only combi boilers will not do this. The fact that it only works through radiators makes it necessary to use a different system for hot water in your home. This may be an uneconomical choice.
  2. For radiators in modern houses, the water flow rate given by the heat-only boiler models may not be sufficient. These are boiler models designed in a more traditional structure and therefore you may experience various problems and delay in heating.
  3. In such products, the boiler itself is usually under warranty, not the internal parts of the boiler. This may mean that you pay for the repair in case of damage caused by an internal component problem.

Still, if you think heat-only boiler products are the type of boiler that will best suit your needs, now is the time to talk to Zara Heating experts.

System Boilers 101: Definition & Working Principle

While setting up a heating system plan that will work great in your home, did you come across a product group called system boiler? When you first hear the name, it may seem a little confusing to you. However, these products are actually very user-friendly products that can perform heating and water heating functions at the same time. Zara Heating offers you affordable solutions and additional warranty advantages with dozens of contracted companies that can respond to your system boiler searches. Do not forget to contact us for more and complete your shopping with our experts.

System boilers are structures that do not produce hot water but are very similar to combi boilers in terms of components and technical features. Internal parts using stainless steel hot water cylinders guarantee extra durability in this type of product.

The Working Principle of System Boilers

System boilers can be a very useful solution for many families. System boilers operating using hot water cylinders are powerful enough to provide hot water flow to all radiators in your home. The product does not need an open-vent system. Therefore, system boilers can be a good choice in narrow spaces and small houses. In normal boilers, there is a tank on the roof and an integrated operation is seen with this place. However, in such boiler products, all products such as pumps and valves, which should be outside the heating boiler, are integrated into the boiler. This helps to save space while eliminating the extra installation effort or expense.


System boilers, which operate without the need for an open-vent system, can send hot water to radiators throughout the house by providing hot water flow to more than one outlet at the same time. This makes such products a good option, especially for homes with multiple rooms and more than 15 radiators.

Advantages of System Boilers

Known as a good heating solution for many families and property types, system boiler products are considered advantageous in the following aspects:

  1. It can supply water to multiple outlets and operates with high water flow power. Despite this, these new-generation products are considered highly efficient.
  2. These products, which are offered for sale with a manufacturer's warranty, cause less expense in the repair or maintenance processes.

Disadvantages of System Boilers

System Boilers has a few features that aren't exactly a drawback, but that may make it more difficult to use for some families. Of course, what will determine which type of boiler is more suitable for you is your needs and the structure of your home.

  1. If the mains water pressure is low in your home, the system boilers that receive the water directly from the mains water cannot work efficiently enough. So you will need to fix this problem first.
  2. System boilers, which are products with high physical volumes, need a large area where they are installed. Because you will need to install a hot water cylinder next to the product.

Did this content help you? Then we were very happy! If you want to discover more, don't forget to call Zara Heating experts right away!