Worcester Bosh vs Viessman Combi Boilers: Comprehensive Comparison!
Worcester Bosh vs Viessman Combi Boilers: Comprehensive Comparison!

Worcester Bosh vs Viessman Combi Boilers: Comprehensive Comparison!

You have decided that everything is perfect for your home. Furniture, technological devices, tables and tables are all in place and ready. They are just waiting for you to use it! Yet, in the midst of all this perfection, there is one crack, and that is the gas boiler. You couldn't decide whether to buy Worcester Bosch or Viessmann. No problem! Today's article has been prepared to answer exactly this question and contains a comprehensive comparison guide of the Worcester Bosch and Viessmann brands. Come with us, and let's see who will win the arm wrestling of these two brands!

The History of Worcester Bosh

Worcester Bosch is a company founded in England in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth. Serving within its own structure for 30 years, the company was taken under the wing of Bosch in 1992. It has very famous and reliable manufacturing in the field of both gas boiler and oil boiler. However, the products offered by the company to the people who prefer them are not limited to this. Worcester Bosch can also manufacture reputable units, such as heat pumps, hot water cylinders and solar-based water heating systems.

Over time, it has become a brand that cannot find an alternative in terms of quality for many people residing in England, and as a result, it has been the winner of the Which? Best Buy award 11 times.

Worcester Bosch, a brand preferred by more than 1 million families in a country of 67 million people, is on everyone's lips as a well-established brand, thanks to its experienced manufacturing history and promising quality.

The History of Viessmann

Viessmann is a family company founded in Germany in 1917 and has more than 50 years of experience compared to Worcester Bosch. Starting in Germany, Viessmann gradually has gained popularity all over Europe, became one of the industry leaders, and entered the UK market in 1989. A reliable child of German industry, Viessmann is known for its gas and oil boilers, but the company is also closely involved in heat pumps, water steam and heat and power generation manufacturing.

Worcester Bosh vs Viessman Combi Boilers In Terms Of Operating

As you can see, both companies have a long history in terms of gas boilers. Both are well-known brands in Europe and the UK (or even around the world) and preferred for homes. Well, if we talk a little bit about the technical parts of the issue, what can we say? Let's evaluate!


Let's go through the example for price comparison.

The Greenstar series, which includes Worcester Bosh's top segment product models, is led by the Greenstar 8000 in the market. It is possible to have your top segment Worcester Bosh product with prices starting from £3000 including installation. You will enjoy a long-term, durable and effective gas boiler with this product of Worcester Bosh, which combines elegance with the highest technology and quality materials. Since it comes with a 94% efficiency A+ rate, your bills will not also upset you despite its initiative price.

For Viessmann, on the other hand, its top segment manufacturing is known with Vitodens 222-F from the Vitodens series. This product of Viessmann, which combines stainless steel heat exchanger with quality and elegance, corresponds to a price of £3500, including installation. This combi boiler of Viessmann, which works at almost full effectiveness, more than deserves its first price with an effective rate of 98%.

This is the case with the highest segment products for Viessmann and Worcester Bosh. Although Viessmann seems a little more expensive, it brings together a serious effectiveness rate of 98% with quality, modern style and technology.

In terms of cheaper and middle segment products, the prices of the two brands are quite close to each other.


Worcester Bosh is a company that designs its boilers with an innovative approach, always making use of technology. As such, they manufacture their products to work best at home. In addition, Worcester products include adjustments and features to meet all the heating needs of your home, both simultaneously and separately. On top of that, the units installed in your home also come with the size and elegance of all styles. For this reason, you can fit combi boilers into your home, regardless of whether the place is small or large.

However, regarding Viessmann, the brand has an advantage that Worcester does not have, which is the stainless steel heat exchanger. Worcester uses an aluminium heat exchanger, while Viessmann designs its units with a stainless steel heat exchanger that makes the usage duration reliable and the products more durable.  These stainless steels, known as Inox and produced by Viessmann, greatly reduce the possibility of any problems you may experience with the combi boiler. On top of that, aluminium heat exchangers are more fragile, while Viessmann's innovative and unique steel heat exchangers are water compatible.

Although both companies use technology with an innovative approach, Viessmann has an understanding that can produce newer, user-friendly and long-lasting products. Especially the use of stainless steel instead of aluminium is a very important factor that increases the life of gas boilers and makes the brand more reliable. In other words, it's a game-changer.

Energy Efficiency

With its Greenstar series, Worcester is focused on manufacturing effective products both in a way that will respond to the increase in energy demand in the world and reduce the bills of its customers. Many Worcester Bosh brand combi boilers produced with new technology, especially Greenstar 8000 Life and Greenstar 8000 Style, have an energy efficiency of 94%.

On the other hand, Viessmann has announced Vitodens 222-F efficient boiler that conquers the hearts with an A rating and up to 98% efficiency. The combi boiler, which reduces your bills by consuming less natural gas, is also quite durable, so it will not cause any surprise expense like any repair fee.

Although both companies are focused on effectiveness, Viessmann seems to be doing a relatively better job. Especially its latest high-effective products reduce both your bill and the amount of harmful gas released to nature.


Warranty Periods and Aftercare

If we were to make a general warranty evaluation for both Worcester Bosh and Viessmann, all we can say is that they both act in this field with a very competent and customer-based understanding.

Worcester always has an engineer on hand to immediately assign it to anyone who reaches out to its customers regarding a problem with their boiler. What's more, this engineer will be at your door within a maximum of one business day after executing the call. Worcester Bosh is a very satisfying brand in terms of customer service, which means they are doing excellent work in response time to customers and solving their problems. Moreover, the company offers ten years extended warranty period if installation is performed with the Worcester system filter.

We have more or less the same to say about Viessmann. Each call for help gets a response from the company within 24 hours at the latest, and the employees make great efforts to find a solution to your problem as soon as possible. Besides, Viessmann's warranty includes an extendable option from 2 to 7 years, when the installation is performed by a Viessmann trained engineer, where you can register via the Viessmann Installer Portal. However, this requires a bit of fee and is not free.

Although Viessmann seems to be more advantageous in many points at the moment, considering their reputation and quality in warranty and maintenance, Worcester Bosh stands out for aftercare.


First of all, both brands offer quality products that are almost indistinguishable from each other. Both are leaders of the gas boiler industry and are popular companies recognized by almost the whole world, especially in the UK and Europe. Both brands are reliable, their prices are quite affordable according to their performance, and high-quality materials are used (Viessmann stands out with stainless steel at this point.) As for aftercare and warranty, Worcester Bosch has aspects of knocking out Viessmann in this regard.

However, we would recommend Viessmann as the winner of the boiler-manufacturer-comparison. The brand's products are great cost/effective, have slightly better feedback from customers. Moreover, the units' materials are more durable and benefit from new technology and innovative industry approach compared to Bosh manufacturing understanding.

Here are other reasons why you should go with Viessmann:

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