A Detailed Look at Navien's Combi Boiler Models: Which Combi Boiler Should You Prefer?
A Detailed Look at Navien's Combi Boiler Models: Which Combi Boiler Should You Prefer?

A Detailed Look at Navien's Combi Boiler Models: Which Combi Boiler Should You Prefer?

Modern boilers produced today are efficient and effective heating systems that can make your working and living environment comfortable and warm. If you want to buy a new boiler or replace your old one with a better one, you should do good research on this issue, since the issue of reliability and durability is a subject that needs to be discussed and it varies from brand to brand of the combi boiler. What you need to do to do this research is to get help from expert heating teams like us after researching the brand of the combi boiler you want to upgrade.

This article, in which we explain you need to know about the Navien combi boilers that we have specially prepared for you, will help you understand whether your Navien combi boilers are suitable for your home environment or which model is the most suitable for your comfort and space. This Navien combi boiler review will inform you about the Navien brand and the history of the brand, introduce you to the Navien brand combi series and give detailed information about these series, explain why you should buy a Navien combi boiler, and talk about the general features of the Navien brand combi boilers.

If you still have question marks after reading this article or if you have decided to have a Navien combi model, contacting us will help you complete your new combi purchase process. With our expert team who have been dealing with this business for years, we can install the combi boiler you want, we can make sure that you meet all your heating needs as you want, and you can contact us when you encounter any problem.

An Overview of the Navien Brand

 Being the leader in condensing technology, Navien is a company that produces condensing tank water heaters as well as combi boilers and boilers. This company, which does not hesitate to include the latest developments in technology in its products, aims for high efficiency and maximum reliability. Navien, which is supported by the parent company of KD Navien with a history of thirty-five years and working on advanced boiler and water heating technology, has gained a serious reputation in the international market with its unusual engineering and high durability designs.

KD Navien, which was the first company to produce and develop Asia's most efficient and environmentally friendly condensing boiler in 1988, became the leader in the boiler market in a very short time. Continuing to maintain its green policy, Navien continues to pursue its aim of energy saving and CO2 reduction.

A Brief History of the Navien Brand

 The Navien brand was first established in 1978 by Kyung Dong Machinery Co., Ltd. In 1982, it started to sell the first condensing gas boiler made in Asia. In 1991, they introduced the gas-fired hot water boiler intended for domestic use. They obtained the ISO 9001 certificate in 1995 and the ISO 12001 certificate in 1999. Kyung Dong Machinery Co., Ltd. was renamed as KyungDong Navien Co., Ltd. in 2006. The company is reorganized as after receiving the North American CSA certificate in 2007. They started exporting gas water heaters in North America in 2008. They established a training centre in the United States in 2009 and in Canada in 2010.


In the following years, after receiving many certificates, new products such as NCB series combi boilers, NPE-S Condensing Tankless Water Heaters, NHB series boilers, NCB-E series Combi Boilers were introduced to the market.


The General Features of Navien Combi Boilers

 Having an ultimate high efficiency, Navien combi boilers offer the following features besides lowering your electricity bills and adapting to every home, from apartments to large houses:


Why Should You Use Navien Combi Boilers?


Basic Information About Navien's Boiler Series

Navien boilers have four series: NFB, NHB, NCB-E and NFC. Although all of these series are included in the category of condensing boilers, Navien company categorizes NFB and NHB series and NCB-E and NFC series as binary.


NFB Series and NHB Series

NFB series and NHB series, which have an annual fuel usage efficiency rate of ninety-five per cent, are the series with condensing boilers that can be characterized as high efficiency. Since these boilers are condensing boilers, they recycle most of the heat that is likely to be lost in a boiler with a traditional design, and by including this amount of heat in the heating process, they increase efficiency and heating performance. The models in this series are compact and are designed for ease of installation. This is a very profitable situation for the brand as it means a lower initial setup cost. In addition, all boiler models in the NFB and NHB series are equipped with NaviLink, a feature where you can access your combi from anywhere you have internet access.

NCB-E Series and NFC Series

In the past, people had difficulty in deciding whether a combi boiler or a condensing boiler was better. When Navien launched NCB-E and NFC series models, people started to turn to Navien's NCB-E and NFC series combi boilers, since it also launched the high efficiency condensing combi boiler. Navien's boilers provide hot water for your home's heating, cooking, cleaning and bathing needs. In addition to this basic function, it is necessary to know that Navien combi boilers have a technology that will recycle exhaust gases and use energy more efficiently. Since all combi boilers in the NCB-E and NFC series are made of high-quality stainless steel, it would not be wrong to say that the combi boilers will last for a long time. With these combi boilers that have NaviLink access, it is also possible to make heating adjustments for your home from anywhere in the world.

Best Selling Navien Combi Models and Their Features

The series of the best-selling Navien combi boilers are the NHB, NFC, NCB-E and NFB series. The general features and boiler statistics of these series are as follows:

NHB Series

 The boilers in the NHB series are wall-mounted boilers with four sizes: 55,000, 80,000, 110,000 and 150,000 BTU. With a very high tipping rate, this boiler helps you save fuel and money while keeping your home at the perfect temperature. Designed for quick and easy installation, this model has NHB integrated control system and it is possible to access this boiler remotely via NaviLink. This boiler, which has an annual fuel usage efficiency of ninety-five per cent, is condensing and has an Energy Star rating.


NFB Series

 Boilers in the NFB series have two different sizes, 175,000 and 199,900 BTUs. Although these boilers have a steel heat exchanger that increases longevity and durability and eliminates stress points, the inclination ratios in this model are in a class compared to the boilers in the NHB series. These boilers are ninety-five per cent efficient in terms of annual fuel usage efficiency and it should be said that these boilers received the most efficient energy star award in 2018. All boilers in the NFB series also have the NaviLink Wi-fi remote management system and the NaviClean magnetic boiler filter, which extends system life and increases efficiency.


NFC Series

 NFC combi boilers, which have a much more efficient operation than a standard combi and can provide heat and hot water, are combi boilers that can be connected to three zones and have been put on the market in two sizes, 175,000 and 199,900 BTU. This is suitable for large homes as both sizes can be connected to three zones. Since these boilers use long-life heat exchangers patented by Navien and a high-flow DHW module, these boilers have a quiet operation and you can use them in any environment you want for a long time. NFC series boilers can be used with NaviLink system like all other Navien boilers and these boilers have NaviCelan magnetic filtration system as standard. With ninety-five % fuel use efficiency, these boilers have an excellent knockdown rate, making them great for large homes. This combi boiler, which was awarded the Energy Star most efficient boiler award in 2020, is a condensing combi boiler.


NCB-E Series

 NCB-E series, another condensing boiler series of Navien, has four sizes as 60,000, 80,000, 100,000 and 120,000 BTU and is recommended for use in larger houses. These combi boilers, which are also a good choice for saving space, are designed for quick and easy installation. It is designed to be compatible with many systems including baseboard radiator and underfloor heating as installation. To optimize both heating and water flow at the same time, two heat exchangers, one for the boiler and the other for hot water, are used in these boilers.

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