Ideal Combi Review: Detailed and Honest Guide by Experts!
Ideal Combi Review: Detailed and Honest Guide by Experts!

Ideal Combi Review: Detailed and Honest Guide by Experts!

If you are looking for an ideal boiler combi for your home, it can be really helpful to compare different brands with each other and see the technological changes between the models with the help of Zara Heating experts. You can note that a good combi boiler must be an advanced generation device in terms of efficiency, size, additional control features, technology, and hydraulic system. In that context, we have prepared a detailed review content for you today with the knowledge of our industry experience of more than 10 years. In this content, we plan to dwell on the features, pons & cons of Ideal Boiler.

In general, we will examine the models released by the brand and take a look at the important features that distinguish them from other brands. In this way, we hope that you can make the wisest choice of boiler combi efficient for your home.

Before we begin, we would like to make a note. On cold days in the UK, a combi that doesn't work well or is constantly malfunctioning can really lower your quality of life. Therefore, during these days when the weather is starting to get cold, if you want to change your combi, get maintenance service, or get support about your current boiler, we remind you that you should contact real experts. Zara Heating is always ready to support its professionals! Give us a call and after a short exploration, we'll tell you which combi you need!

General Look to Ideal Boilers: Warranty Period, Average Price, and Tech

Ideal Boilers, which has grown confidently in the combi boiler market and became one of the top five brands in the industry, is a complete price-performance product. We know that you will not prefer Ideal when looking for a cheap boiler for your home. But remember, if a product is too cheap, there is always a reason.

For example, warranty periods of 2 or 3 years, insufficiently developed design or hydraulic systems, low technology, and low rate of efficiency may be the reasons for this. Moreover, the maintenance cost of cheap combi boilers will really daunt you.

Ideal Boilers offers you the following option instead:

  1. Looking at the average price in the market, we can say that the prices of Ideal Boilers are quite competitive.
  2. Despite these competitive prices, the devices are highly advanced in terms of technical specifications and technology.

Of course, this does not mean that there are no perks in the products of the brand. For example, while the average warranty period for Worcester-Bosch branded combi boiler products is about 10 years, this period is seven years for Ideal Boilers. But we have to admit that seven years is quite enough time to trust a product. Moreover, if you purchase Ideal Boilers through Zara Heating, you can enjoy some additional warranty benefits.

Most Popular Model of Ideal Boilers: The Ideal Logic + Boiler

One of the brand's most popular products, The Ideal Logic+ comes with a seven-year warranty. The most important feature that distinguishes the product from others is that it has a design that is compact and suitable even for small houses. This is great news for those who want to install combi in tight spaces such as the kitchen.

  1. In addition, those who want to reduce their bill loads with maximum efficiency for hot water and heating also like The Ideal Logic + model. Because the efficiency class of the model is A.
  2. Thanks to its Quiet Mark awarded feature, this mid-range combi boiler reassures consumers.
  3. Did you know that the product is manufactured in the UK? The first choice of those who want to trust the UK in the field of technology!
  4. Families that install their combi, especially in uninsulated rooms, face frost problems almost every year. Freezing of internal parts of Combi boilers shortens the life of the machine and prevents it from fulfilling its function. Ideal Logic + has built-in frost protection technology to prevent this.
  5. If you like to use smart thermostats and want to manage your device with smart home technologies, Ideal Logic + is suitable for it!

What is More?

We told you the features of Ideal Logic + above. But in fact, this product is an upgraded version in the "Ideal Logic" family. The Ideal Logic family consists of three basic combi boiler models:

  1. Ideal Logic - This model is the name of the standard model in the corresponding series of the brand.
  2. Ideal Logic + is a product that offers a number of additional features and an upgraded LCD display.
  3. Ideal Logic Max - It is a model with an extra high-quality brass system filter and a more advanced control panel, especially used in 2 or 3 bedroom homes and large families.

If you need a reliable company for new boiler replacement or maintenance of your current Ideal Boiler, Zara Heating is just a phone call away! Let's decide together which of these combi models, which are evaluated in class A with an efficiency rate of over 90 percent, will be the best for you!

Boiler Sensor Technologies in Ideal Boilers

The high-quality control and sensor features found in the Ideal Logic series of Ideal Boilers make it more exclusive than any other option on the market. We want to talk about two important technologies.

  1. Electronic programmer: With this feature, you have the opportunity to electronically schedule how you want your boiler to work each day of the week. You can change and update the 7-day plan at any time. This plan helps you save energy by making the device work with different performances on the days you work or stay at home.
  2. Outdoor sensor: The fact that the temperature outside is related to the performance of your boiler inside the house can mean increased efficiency. The outdoor sensor, which measures the external temperature and sends the data to the combi boiler, ensures that the device adjusts the water flow accordingly and keeps the house temperature constant. We can say that this feature increases the total efficiency value by about two percent.

Best for Large Families: Ideal Vogue Combi Boiler

We care that the combi boiler models we share with you can offer advanced solutions for different family structures, lifestyles and residence locations. That's why we try to diversify our suggestions. Ideal Vogue Combi Boiler is the name of another very popular combi boiler model of the brand.

  1. Let's talk about the most important feature of this product that makes it a king in the market: The product works really silently. Moreover, while silent operation technology reduces efficiency, there is no such minus in this product.
  2. The Ideal Vogue Combi Boiler, which is completely UK-made, has a backlit 3.5" LCD full-color display. This is a UX-oriented feature that really provides control and ease of use.
  3. The two-time award of the product actually reveals its advantage: good Housekeeping' award in both 2013 & 2017
  4. The product has the A class efficiency rate for both hot water and heating. This shows that the Ideal Vogue Combi Boiler is a good choice for minimizing your bills.
  5. We can easily say that the interior accents of the product are built with high-quality stainless steel materials, so the service life is quite high.

Have we said enough? Great then! Now you know the main features of the Ideal Boilers brand and the prominent models of the brand much better. So, how do you plan to install and purchase? Let's take a look together.

Should I Buy Worcester Bosch or Ideal Boilers?

Can’t decide between the Worcester Bosch and Ideal Boilers brands? In fact, if you look at it, it is possible to say that the Ideal Logic Combi 30 model and the Worcester Bosch models are similar in many features. In general, the following qualities are almost the same:

  1. Efficiency rates
  2. Compact design
  3. Different size and kW options

Nevertheless, we can say that Worcester Bosch has a bit more advantage over the other brand in terms of the average warranty period. You can contact us for more information.

By Ideal Boilers by Zara Heating: Benefits of the Process

As Zara Heating, we care about providing you with the most advantageous, reliable, and safe service with our long-term experience in the sector. If you have not decided which of the Ideal Boilers models you want to buy, or if you want to make the purchase together with the installation at affordable prices, we are here!

  1. Our company, which is a member of Gas Safe, performs the safe installation as soon as possible.
  2. There are no hidden fees, the price offer we give you remains constant!
  3. You get the chance to buy combi boilers at the most affordable prices in the market.
  4. You can increase the efficiency of the service you receive by taking advantage of the additional warranty period or the right to maintenance.
  5. We aim to make your life easier with many payment options.

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