Intergas Boilers Review: Are They Worth The Price?
Intergas Boilers Review: Are They Worth The Price?

Intergas Boilers Review: Are They Worth The Price?

Are you looking for a modern, effective boiler for your home with an efficiency level that can minimize your bills? Choosing from the large number of boilers used by millions of individuals in the UK can be confusing. That's why we want to give you detailed information and make your selection process easier. The brand you choose when choosing a boiler should be an advantageous option in terms of price and performance, and it should be able to offer a performance output that can meet the need for hot water and heat throughout your home. We've talked to you before about Worcester, Baxi, Viessmann boilers and much more. Today, we will talk about the combi, system and regular boilers of the Intergas brand.

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General Features of Intergas Boilers

Intergas, one of the UK's most popular boiler brands, offers products priced between the mid-range and high-end segments. Often compared to the boilers of its closest competitor, Ideal, its products receive a passing grade in terms of efficiency and reliability. In addition, there may be many individuals who decide to purchase Worcester branded products at similar prices as a result of comparisons with the products of the Intergas brand.

So, what are the highlights of the brand?

Innovative 2-in-1 heat exchanger

We would like to introduce you to an innovative technology that you can only see in the products of this brand. The main thing a 2-in-1 heat exchanger does is get the power to heat more water using less gas. This power stands out as the efficiency ratio at the end of the day and means that you can heat your whole house by paying less money.

The number of moving parts is less

Boilers whose internal parts are designed to be movable may cause more frequent problems and synchronization problems. Having fewer moving parts in the boilers of the Intergas brand reduces the possibility of malfunctions even after the warranty period, and enables you to have a smoother boiler experience.

Installation can be a bit of a mess

Integas boilers, consisting of fixed internals, can have a complex installation process. Therefore, it must be installed by an engineer. We, as Zara Heating, are ready for safe installation with our Gas Safe member professional engineers.

Warranty Policies Different From Other Brands

Many boiler brands specifically prefer not to keep the parts warranty longer than the product warranty. However, the brand's high confidence in the heat exchanger it offers caused it to change its warranty policy.

In general, it is possible to say that standard Intergas boilers are sold with a three-year warranty. Periodic promotions and campaigns may allow you to enjoy an additional warranty period when you purchase this product with Zara Heating. But this is not the main surprise: The heat exchangers of the products are guaranteed for seven years, regardless of the product itself. Therefore, if you have a problem with the heat exchanger after the first three years, authorized services will repair it free of charge.

Can Fit Anywhere with Compact Design

Do you live in a small apartment? The fact that the areas where you can install the boiler in your home are narrow does not mean that you are not free in your choices. Intergas combi gas boiler products do not require an external water tank or cylinder. This means that even a very small area can be sufficient for installation. In addition to saving space, the products are almost unnoticeable, even in narrow homes, as they operate at a low decibel. All these are factors that can change whether you are satisfied with the product in long-term use.

Let's add a note: Heating and hot water are made in the unit upon your request during installation. Therefore, you will be able to place the product even inside a kitchen cabinet. Really great comfort.

The Best Intergas Boiler Models for Your House: Combi Boilers, Regular Boilers and System Boilers

You had the opportunity to examine the general features of the boiler products of the Intergas brand. Now, let's take a look at a few prominent and popular boiler models and make it easier for you to choose.

Before we begin, let's say that the brand offers its products in three basic categories. The products in each category and category are as follows:

  1. Intergas combi boilers: Xclusive 24, Xclusive 30, Xclusive 36
  2. Intergas regular boilers: HRE OV
  3. Intergas system boilers: HRE SB 18, HRE SB 24, HRE SB 30, HRE SB 40

Let's examine the most popular of the above models together.

Intergas Xclusive 24kW Combi Gas Boiler Review & Specifications

One of Intergas' best selling products in the UK.

Intergas Xclusive 24kW Combi Gas Boiler has the power to minimize your bills with its 92 per cent efficiency. This product, which you can freely use with its LPG compatible feature, is sold with a ten-year standard warranty. The most important feature of the product, which has condensing technology as required by law, is that it is evaluated in the A-class in the ERP rating system.

  1. The hot water max output value of the product has been determined as 27.8 kW. This means that the appliance is not suitable for very large houses with two bathrooms, but for couples living in a small house with two people.
  2. The product offers a flow rate of 13.5 litres per minute. This flow rate will also be quite sufficient for a house with one bathroom.
  3. It is recommended to service the product after 1,700 hours of operation. In this way, you can ensure that the life of the product is much longer.

HRE OV Intergas Compact HRE OV 18kW Regular Gas Boiler Review & Specifications

HRE OV Intergas Compact HRE OV 18kW Regular Gas Boiler is especially preferred by people who live alone and can meet all their hot water needs even with low performance. This compact product, which has managed to increase its efficiency with condensing technology, has an excellent rate of 93 per cent. This regular gas boiler, with a standard warranty of 7 years, is designed to be wall-mounted. Do not forget to call us to get product prices and to request an advantageous deal including installation.

  1. The product has a central heating max output value of 18.7 kW. Although this is quite insufficient for families, it will mean a very productive performance for individuals living alone.
  2. Since the product has an extremely compact structure, it is often preferred by individuals living in very small apartments. Height: 590mm, Width: 450mm, Depth: 240mm, the product can be easily installed even in very small spaces and does not take up space.
  3. Since it has horizontal and vertical flue options, you can use the product much more efficiently in line with your demands and provide a continuous water flow.
  4. Thanks to the Frost thermostat, the product continues to operate with high performance even in uninsulated rooms in cold weather.
  5. The seven-year warranty we mentioned above is known as the parts and labour warranty and is quite comprehensive.
  6. The product has a full ten-year warranty for the heat exchanger as well as its own warranty period.

Intergas Compact HRE SB 24kW System Gas Boiler Review & Specifications

The Compact HRE SB 24kW System Gas Boiler, which acts as a real saviour for the apartment dwellers living in the city with its compact structure, has an efficiency rate of 93 per cent. This ratio means that the entire heat requirement can be provided by consuming much less fuel. The product, which is evaluated in energy class A, is sold with a standard warranty period of seven years, while the heat exchanger of the product is under the standard Intergas warranty of ten years. To take advantage of 2-in-1 heat exchanger technology, Intergas is a really good choice.

  1. The most important thing that distinguishes the product from others is that the parts that make it functional are placed in the unit. With this feature, the product is very compact and can be easily installed almost anywhere you want.
  2. The output power of the boiler is determined as 23.7 kW. If your house has approximately ten radiators, it will be sufficient to use this product for heating.
  3. As it is known, freezing of the boiler in cold weather can adversely affect the performance. In order to prevent this, the product has a built-in frost protection feature. In this way, the product will continue to work strongly even in an uninsulated room during the coldest periods of the UK.

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