Intergas vs. Baxi Boilers: Which One Is Better for Your Home?
Intergas vs. Baxi Boilers: Which One Is Better for Your Home?

Intergas vs. Baxi Boilers: Which One Is Better for Your Home?

Combi boilers, which are devices created by using steel, sheet metal, copper, aluminium and plastic materials, are necessary for you to increase the comfort in your home. These devices are frequently preferred in terms of easy portability and small footprint, and combi boilers are also responsible for heating the place where they are located in addition to water heating in homes or business environments.

 It can be quite difficult to choose among the combi boilers that each household can adjust according to their needs and consume fuel. Although it is an undeniable fact that combi boilers are necessary for hot water and heating needs, the combi that you will install in your home must be a powerful and high-quality combi. A boiler that is not powerful and of poor quality will constantly break down and cause you to be unable to meet your needs. In addition, since there are many combi companies and combi options in the market, the features of the combi that you will buy may be different from other combi boilers.

Today, we will compare Intergas and Baxi combi boilers so that you can find the combi boiler that suits your needs and wishes among countless options. We will combine the comparison between these combi boilers with a detailed examination and support you in your combi selection. After choosing the combi boiler you want, if you are worried about its installation, it will be enough to contact us. As Zara Heating, we have gone to every region of England and installed thousands of combi boilers for years, contributing to a more comfortable home environment for our customers. You can always contact us for all your questions about the combi boiler, your purchasing process and our combi boiler setup.

An Overview of Intergas Company

 Intergas, whose main purpose is to increase energy efficiency and reliability, while reducing the energy bills of customers, is a Dutch boiler manufacturing company with a history of approximately fifty years. They say that despite having a history of fifty years and being on the market for many years, they still maintain their success with the two-in-one heat exchanger of Intergas combi boilers. The company, which has been using this design, which they describe as the heart of its boilers, in every combi boiler design since 1966, also argues that this innovative initiative has many benefits for its customers. Since the heat exchanger, which they describe as a two-in-one, is considered as a single heat exchanger, the boilers in which this heat exchanger is used use less fuel than other boilers and thus become more efficient for the customers. Intergas combi company also claims that their combi boilers have lower energy bills than all other combi boilers in the UK.


 Before looking at Intergas combi boilers, you should know the number of bathrooms and radiators in your home to understand what kind of need you have according to your home. Houses with one bathroom and ten radiators should prefer 24-27 kW combi boilers, while houses with two bathrooms and fifteen radiators should have 29-34 kW combi boilers.

Intergas Combi Compact ECO RF 24kW Gas Boiler: This model, which is the best-selling Intergas combi boiler, is one of the most effective combi boilers in the market with its 93% efficiency. Working with 18 kW of power, this combi boiler has a warranty of up to 10 years and is priced at £1,100.

Intergas Combi Compact ECO RF 30kW Gas Boiler: This combi boiler, which is one of the most effective combi boilers on the market, but whose performance is slightly weaker when compared to its price, also has an efficiency of 93%. Consuming 24 kW of power, this model is selling for £1,155 with a 10-year warranty.

Intergas Combi Compact ECO RF 36kW Gas Boiler: Although this combi boiler, which has the highest efficiency percentage of the Intergas brand, has an efficiency rate of 94%, it may bring a slightly heavy electricity bill since the energy it consumes is 30kW. The selling price of this model, which is also launched with a 10-year warranty, is £990.

Intergas Xclusive 24kW Combi Gas Boiler: The selling price of this combi boiler, which consumes 18.2 kW of energy and has an efficiency of 92%, is determined as £1,000.

Intergas Xclusive 30kW Combi Gas Boiler: This combi boiler model, which prioritizes energy-saving, consumes much less energy compared to other combi boiler models, and this amount of energy has been measured as 23.1 kW. In addition to its contribution to the environment and electricity bills, this combi boiler, which has 92% efficiency, costs £1050.

Intergas Xclusive 36kW Combi Gas Boiler: This combi boiler, which is the Intergas model that consumes the least fuel according to its performance, consumes 26.6 kW of power. The Intergas Xclusive 36kW Combi Gas Boiler with an efficiency of 92% is available for £1,150.


An Overview of Baxi Company

 Baxi, a company that takes sustainability as its main goal and is committed to being a greener, cleaner production company, also aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its customers. This company, which, like other combi boiler companies, offers heating solutions to keep the homes and workplaces of its customers warm, helps people to heat their homes without heating the planet. Baxi also has a network of talented and high-quality heating engineers who can adapt to every need of its customers and offer solutions tailored to their needs.


Since Baxi is a company that produces boilers and needs customers to purchase the combi boilers it produces, this company has a wide range of products. This company has many types of products, from a small combi boiler suitable for apartment living to a large house with multiple bathrooms. The most popular Baxi boilers and their features can be listed as follows:

Baxi 200 Combi: This model, which consumes between 24 and 28 kW of energy, is suitable for small to medium-sized homes and has a price range of £630 – £700.

Baxi 400 Combi: This model, which has the same features as the Baxi 200 Combi, differs from the Baxi 200 Combi only in that its price is between £620 – £690.

Baxi 600 Combi: This combi boiler, which needs between 24 kW and 36 kW of energy, can also be used as a system and is suitable for every house from small to large with its pricing between £710 and £1,060.

Baxi 800 Combi: This combi boiler model, which consumes energy between 25 kW and 36 kW, can also be used as a system. This model, which can be used in small to large homes with multiple bathrooms, ranges from £950 to £1,200.

Baxi Platinum + Combi: This model with an energy consumption of 40 kW is useful for large houses with more than one bathroom and can be used as a system, with a price range of between £1,300 and £1,500.

Baxi Megaflo System: This heating device, which can only be used as a system, consumes between 15 and 32 kW of energy and is suitable for large houses with more than one bathroom. The price of this model ranges from £800 to £950.

Comparison Between Intergas Boilers and Baxi Boiler

It will be more helpful for you to make a comprehensive comparison between Intergas Boilers and Baxi Boilers, as the choice cannot be made based on only one feature. We will make the comparison between Baxi Boilers and Intergas Boilers in four main groups as a guarantee, being eco-friendly, efficiency ratio and pricing. As a result of this comparison, you can choose the most suitable boiler for you. When you have any questions about the boiler you have chosen, or when you want to buy the boiler you have chosen, you can benefit from our years of experience in heating systems.

Warranty: Although Intergas Boilers and Baxi Boiler have warranties of up to ten years and these warranties apply to your boiler and on your behalf at the time of purchase, you may wish to have a shorter warranty. Intergas Boilers also have six, seven and eight-year warranties. In case you want to extend your warranty period, it seems possible to extend this period by contacting both companies personally.

Being Eco-Friendly: Baxi Boilers won first prize in the Net Zero Hero category at the HRV awards in 2020, for leading the UK to a net-zero carbon project by 2050. Although Baxi Boilers has won an award for being environmentally friendly, Intergas Boilers does not have any studies on this subject, but this does not mean that Intergas Boilers is not eco-friendly.

Efficiency Rate: The efficiency rate of Intergas Boilers, which is the best company in the market in terms of efficiency rate, has been determined as 94%. Although we do not have clear information about the efficiency ratio of Baxi Boilers, we are sure that Baxi Boilers has a good ratio in this regard. It would be logical to attribute such a high-efficiency rate of Intergas Boilers to the use of a two-in-one heat exchanger. This heat exchanger, which they have been using for more than fifty years, will help reduce your electricity bills.

Price: Although the price difference between Baxi Boilers and Intergas Boilers is almost double, Intergas' high prices can be seen to fall to the price of Baxi Boilers with big discounts from time to time. Due to this pricing difference, Baxi Boilers are recommended for people who live alone and have a limited budget, while Intergas Boilers are recommended for large families because they are more economical.

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