Best Boilers Brands to Buy and Install in 2021 (Gas and Oil)
Best Boilers Brands to Buy and Install in 2021 (Gas and Oil)

Best Boilers Brands to Buy and Install in 2021 (Gas and Oil)

The amount of energy consumed for heating houses in modern societies constitutes one of the most significant shares in total energy consumption. This also means great energy-saving potential. Enhanced-tech and high-efficiency boilers produced by the brands we have listed for you and used in many important projects around the world contribute greatly to the efficient use of energy resources.  These brands are also known as solution partners in leading projects worldwide with innovative operational safety products thanks to their improved hot water boiler techniques. Let's get to know the six brands of today's article, which are both budget and environmentally friendly!

Viessmann Boiler

Viessmann is a high-tech boiler brand whose design, materials, and manufacturing technique precede the company name. On top of all this, their productions are long-lived. Viessmann brand boilers are one of the most reliable options in terms of comfort, savings and safety, whether it is a new installation or a replacement requirement.

Here is a list what are the advantages of Viessmann boilers:

Intergas Boilers

Serving for over 50 years, Intergas is a company focused on perfecting heating systems for customers. Dedicating to designing and developing solutions that meet the demand for comfortable heat, it produces solutions based on scientific data on energy consumption to choose the best solution for their home. It offers heat solutions with smart, innovative and high-tech products and sustainable energy sources that meet the energy transition.

Intergas boilers are stylish products that will suit your home as much as Viessmann. Intergas Combi, which uses innovative heating and hot water technologies, is a very energy-efficient boiler. In addition, it is suitable to install for any home.

Below you can find some of the features of Intergas boilers:

Alpha Boilers

Alpha-model boiler promises continuous hot water comfort with a modern look and economical operation with flame modulation. Pushing the limits of technology with its easy-to-use digital control panel integrated into new generations, the Alpha brand has many superior features, such as structure with bithermic heat exchanger and longevity applicable to every model.

What does Alpha boiler offer? Here:

Ideal Boiler

Ideal brand boiler is one of the best boiler brands that has become popular with its quality at affordable prices over the years. Although it is low priced and makes people think, "Is this a poor quality product?" on the contrary, it is a brand that comes with quite advanced and quality products. In addition, it has a very good position in terms of technical competence and technological innovations. However, some brands offer 10-year warranty coverage, while Ideal is limited to 7 years.


Let's examine more about the Ideal boilers below:

Worcester Boiler

Worcester is a high quality, effective and stylish boiler brand that will heat both your home and your water on cold UK days. For this reason, when you want to replace the old boiler in your house with a new one, Worcester may come to mind without hesitation! It is the leader of the gas boiler industry.

Below will examine more deeply the features of Worcester Boilers:

Baxi Gas Boilers

Baxi boiler is one of the most widely preferred brands in the UK, just like Worcester boiler. The reason why it is so preferred is that it can meet both hot water and hot air needs in a very effective way at the same time!

Let's have a closer look at what Baxi boilers offer to customers:

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